Relevance is a big deal in Business Discovery. We recently made a subtle but important change to this blog to narrow its focus and make it more relevant to you. We renamed the blog from the more generic “The QlikView Blog” to the “Business Discovery Blog.” The purpose of this blog is to communicate with business decision makers, business users, industry analysts, press, and the market at large about Business Discovery. Here you can expect to find posts on topics like QlikView customer stories, market trends, the future of BI, and a-ha moments people have with Business Discovery.

Welcome to the Business Discovery Blog.png

Within the next few weeks we will be launching a second blog called the QlikView Design Blog. The QlikView Design blog will be more technical; it will be curated by QlikView veteran and product advocate Henric Cronström and will feature posts written by technical experts throughout QlikTech. That blog will be written for an audience of users, designers, and developers of QlikView applications — as well as technology industry analysts and technically-oriented members of the press. The QlikView Design Blog will cover topics like data modeling and visualization techniques, as well as best practices and general tips and tricks. I’ll post an update here in the comments and on Twitter (@EricaDriver) when the QlikView Design Blog goes live.