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Allocated Memory Exceeded - QV11

Kent Shook

I see a ton of questions about this error for old versions of QlikView (mainly 8.5) but I'm running QlikView 11, and running into it in a situation that should not be causing problems. It's happening on two different servers. Here's the setup:


* Running QlikView 11 IR on both servers


* One server is brand new, has a ridiculous number of CPU cores and tons of RAM (40 and 128GB, IIRC) and is not running anything but QlikView. The other is our in-house test server which I believe is somewhat less capable (I don't know the exact specs).


* Working Set is set to 70% low, 90% high


* The object where I've found this problem is a simple table box within a container.

     - The container has only 5 objects in it

     - The table box is showing 8 fields, and there are only 2,432 lines

     - The table that's in the "middle" of the fields being shown contains 2 of the fields. 4 fields are one table away, 2 fields are 2 tables away.


* The error occurs in the Ajax client


* The "Allocated Memory Exceeded" error is seen after clicking in the table box to make a selection.


Any suggestions?