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    Sum If in Expressions

      Hello, I'm a newbie to Qlikview and I want to do something that should be so so simple but I just can't figure it out!


      I've set up some manual expressions for the currency exchange rate (vEUR, vSGD and vUSD) In these fields you have the excahnge rate from GBP.


      All I then want to do is calculate if the Share Class is EUR multiple the figure by vEUR. If it's USD multiply it by vUSD.


      This should be so so simple but it's just not.


      In excel or SSRS I would just do something like:


      iif([Share Class] like 'USD' TradeValue * vUSD, iif([Share Class] like 'EUR', Trade Value * vEUR, Trade Value))


      But I just can not work out how I can do this.


      Please can someone help me!!