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    Inline Table Example

      New user to QlikView, and I need to create a simple Inline table.

      We have a Territory field that is imported from our ERP system, and each territory relates to a Salesman. The users of the report need to be able to select by the Salesman name, so it automatically selects the multiple territories that salesman is associated with.

      I've created a test Inline table, no problem, but I'm unsure how exactly I get this data to filter in QlikView via the listbox selection above the pivot table?

      Example Inline Data that I've used as a test:

      LOAD * INLINE [
      territ, Salesman
      1, Jim McGeorge
      6, Gareth Jones

      65, Gareth Jones

      3D, Jim McGeorge

      2C, Francine Killey

      There's a listbox above the pivot table data on the report itself, in which I've got all the territories listed and this works fine. How I turn this listbox so that it references and filters by the above inline table is what has me stumped.


        • Inline Table Example


          Make sure that the territory-field in your inline-table matches your territory-field from the ERP system.
          They need to be named exactly the same. That way, QV will connect these two tables and you will be able to filter on Salesman.


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              Thanks Fredrik,

              I did actually try that earlier today, but I thought it had caused the Territory field to get overwritten when I reloaded the data (as it changed the field choices), so I didn't check it in the list box. Just done it again, and it works like a dream.