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      We have multiple records per day of specific brands and departments.   Each record is averaged for the day and listed in a straight table and a line chart.


      The records are tests with the count of "Good" and "Error" tests, aggregated per hour.


      Results is 1-(error/success)

      goal is always 95%

      Over under is (results - goal)


      I have attached a spreadsheet with what I am looking for, which is:   


      The combined department 1/2/3 has a goal but is dependent on the results of the other ones.


      For the combined department 1/2/3, the goal needs to be the product of the other three departments' results and 95%


      Example, for May 1 for Brand 1, the Combined department goal would be:  99% x 98% x 96% x 95% (Dept 1 x Dept 2 x Dept 3 x 95%)  = 87%.  This will alleviate the burden on the combined department to meet a goal when the contributing departments can't make their results.


      I hope this makes sense!!


      How do I incorporate the results of a formula of one row into another row, and specifically this formula. 


      Thanks for any input you can provide.