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    Tables link is creating a problem for data visualization



      I've three data files with different fields. The fields are not matching in any table but, data is matching. To make a common filter in frontend i'm renaming the fields which are matching. Please go through my sample file. I'm creating a dynamic field for 3 tables for example,



      Load 'CAPAs' as ProductQuality;



      Load 'NCs' as ProductQuality;



      Load 'CC' as ProductQuality;


      I've a datefield in all tables but the names are different. So i taken common name for all the tables and from that i created Year,Month,Day fields.Now when i select CC form ProductQuality listbox i need to see the years which belongs to table3 only i.e 2011,2012. But i can able to see the yrs which are not belongs to this table. Can any one please help me where i'm doing wrong.