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    Avoid duplicated records after join

      Hi guys,


      I'm facing a problem where I have duplicated records after join of two tables.


      I have got two table and I just want to merge the value of one field form one table to the other. Problem is that the field I want to merge is unique, whereas my joining fields could be repeated. I just want the first value for each occurrence.


      Let's make an example:


      LOAD * inline [
        ID, Company, Code
        1, A, 4711
        2, A, 4711
        3, B, 0815
        4, B, 0815


      LOAD Distinct
      Resident Table1;


      So, DistinctTable1 is fine now. But I also want field ID in this table, but just the first value. So, my table should look like this afterwards:

      ID, Company, Code

      1, A, 4711

      3, B, 0815


      I tried to use different Join and Keep statements, but since ID is unique it always gives me the whole Table1.


      Any suggestion?