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    Report banding and headers/footers

    Kent Shook

      I'm trying to create a report in QlikView that prints a national report as well as an identical report banded across all regions for a client.


      The report is on two multi-paper pages: The first has a title, date, text box with some statistics in the header, and then a long table with data and graphics that takes up several pages. The second is another text box in the header and table in the body. That part is working as well as it ever does in QlikView reports.


      The problem comes when I print the regional reports. I started by duplicating the above pages and then switching on banding across all values in the ClientRegion field. Unfortunately, the headers are only printed once for the entire set of regions, rather than being printed once per region as I would expect. I need to print "Statistics for Region xxx" and I have a text box that dynamically updates when a single region is selected. It looks exactly how it should when the first region prints, but when subsequent regions print there is no longer a header at all, so it looks like a bunch of repeated data with no easy way for the end user to see which region it is for.


      Since the headers won't work, I was hoping I could put that text box in the body of the report, but the multi-paper report pages do not allow more than one object to be in the body. I would do a dynamic caption on the objects, but there still doesn't appear to be a way to get object captions to print in a report.


      Does anyone have any suggestions for how to accomplish this?


      I must say, as nice as most of QlikView is, the reporting absolutely stinks - It has a very "1.0" feel to it, unacceptable in a version-11 product IMO. (No undo? Seriously?)