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    Day Month Dimension

      I would like to have both years show up on the same line/bar graph.


      Date(Date,'MM/DD') - Right now I get two entries for 01/01, with 2 years of data. That makes sense, but I want to compare the two years, and I would like them be combined.


      Any ideas?




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          Carlos Lisboa

          Hi Alex,


          You could do it in multiple ways, i'll give you one which i believe is best.

          create two variables:













          and now you can use these variables in the set analysis with two expressions, one for each year. Something like:



          Current Year

          sum({< Year= {"$(=vYearCurrent)"}>} Value)


          Previous Year

          Current Year

          sum({< Year= {"$(=vYearPrevious)"}>} Value)



          The vYearPrevious is done that way so that when the user want to analyse non-contigous years the graph will remain usefull. If you want it simpler, this variable can be just =max(Year-1).


          Hope it helps




          • Day Month Dimension
            Oleg Troyansky

            I think the solution is very simple:


            Line chart with 2 dimensions: Year and Month.


            Months will supply the 12 values for the X-axes, and Year will cause multiple line series toe be created.


            If you have more than 2 Years of data, and you need to limit the scope for the chart, you can also add a Set Analysis condition in your expression to only count last 2 years.