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    Execution of Script Failed Reload old Data?



      I've loaded my qvw file succussfully with qvd file. Now i updated my qvd file so generally when you update qvd file we need to reload our qvw file. When i'm reload this application i'm getting the error "Execution of Script Failed Reload old Data".


      To check where the errror  i gone through the debug mode. The entire script is executing successfully without giving error. But when i click on CLOSE Button it shows the same error.


      Here i've seen new wonder. When i comment my script and reloading the application the reload is successfull. I'm saving my file after executing. Now i'll uncomment the script and reload the application. I wonder that script is executing successfully.


      Can anyone help me where i'm doing wrong. For your reference i'm attaching my sample qvw file.

        • Execution of Script Failed Reload old Data?
          Fernando Suzuki



          I noticed that you create some InputFields in the script. I've also used inputfields and sometimes this error occurred to me. What usually solved my problem was to:

          1. comment all inputfield declarations (as if the fields are not inputfields)

          2. reload the script

          3. uncomment  the inputfield declarations (back to your original load script)

          4. reload the script


          It seems to me that QlikView doesn't like changes in the data cloud structure when you are using inputfields...



          Hope this helps you.



            • Execution of Script Failed Reload old Data?

              Ya your are right Fernando. I want to make use of Inputfields definitly. To escape this bug right now i developed my application by reload for two times.


              i.e. i've taken button in sheet and written a macro code to reload the application. Here i'm taking one global variable to control the script execution.


              Load A,B,C

              From table1;



                   ALL inputfields code here

              end if


              - By default the vGlobal value will be 0.

              - I'm taking two actions in button, the two actions are reload only.

              - When user click on the button it will reload the entire application without input fields and changes the value of vGlobal value to 1.

              - Then application reloads once again with all input fields.


              But my problem is how can i control this if i put schedualar. That's why i'm trying for permanent solution.

                • Execution of Script Failed Reload old Data?
                  Fernando Suzuki

                  At least in my cases, this error occurred when I changed something in the data could structure, like inclusion/exclusion of a table/field. So, after the script code stabilizes, it usually stopped occurring...


                  Is your data cloud going to permanently change its structure? I suspect not, so when you stabilize your data cloud structure, automatically the problem will disappear. And then you will need to use your solution only while developing...