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    Section Access on Server

      Hi All,


      We have an application that uses Section Access utilizing the NTUser to restrict access for our users.  We are using a csv file to store the data for accessing the application.  This is the format (names changed to protect the innocent...)






      The application works correctly on my local machine, but not when it is loaded onto the server.  Here is the part of the log entry concerning the load of the csv file:


      (2011-10-26 08:48:42) Error: Document open call failed. The document might require username and password.

      (2011-10-26 08:48:42) Error: The document failed to open.


      We have tried adding the domain\username of the server as an admin, and have unchecked strict access.  The file has loaded before - I believe the server has access to the folder that it is attempting to read from.

      Any ideas?

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          Is the file in the server or shared drive? If its in shared drive you need to give read permissions to the NTID you are reloading with.


          Did you make sure the Directory path of the file is correct?




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              It can see the file - it has loaded before.  I don't believe that is the issue.


              Here is some more hopefully pertinent information.


              On the Reload Schedule tab on the server, the Data Protection section gives this error in the username field when the section access check box is clicked:


                        encryption error Invalid character in a Base-64 string.   



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                  I loaded the section access data into SQL Server and then did the load from that.  Still getting the same problem.  Not a file access problem at all.


                  It appears that the server doesn't think it has access to the qvw document because of the security placed on it by loading it elsewhere.  Does the development, at least this last build, need to take place on the server?  The NTNAME of the user that the server is running under is listed in the data as an admin.  And the data is now all capitals.


                  What we are trying to do is limit the data that people can see by their NT username.  Has anyone done this successfully that can point us in the right direction?

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                      Didn't want to leave this hanging. 


                      The problem turned out to be an incorrect NT username for the server.  We were given the wrong name!


                      Once we added that name to the list, everything worked.  The QlikView document couldn't load because the server user didn't have rights to it.

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                          Guy Davidovich



                          I had a similair problem when a document that was reloaded with no problem by a task, was having this error after a SECTION ACCESS was added to its script.

                          The Solution was to add the NT User of QV services to the ADMIN ACCESS list. you can get this username at "Log On As" column in the Services window (via Admninstrative tool) .