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    Load data from two different datasources in LINK table

    Henco van Ee

      Hi there,


      I'm wondering if you guys know a solution for my problem.

      The thing is that I am loading data from two different sources.

      Both of them have a CUSTOMER table, which I would like to use in my QV doc.

      There is a key between those two tables (databasetable1.customerid = databasetable2.customerid), so this far no problem.


      In database 1 I have SALES. In the SALES table is a key to the CUSTOMER table.

      In database 2 I have CONTACTS. In the CONTACTS is a key to the CUSTOMER table in database 1.

      See the attached file for the structure.


      The problem is that I would like to use a LINK table, but with this structure I think it is impossible. Is that right?


      Kind regards,







      The reason why I use a LINK table is because of the other data I am loading. Such as dates (mastercalendar) and other fields which are the same in different tables.