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    Making profit & loss statement with Qlikview

    Sampsa Tirkkonen

      I'm making a profit & loss statement with qlikview and I'm wondering which would be the best approach. The problem I'm having is that I cant seem to find a proper way to create a table in Qlikview which would display all the information correctly. Ie.

      Turnover (should display the total sum from all the accounts between XXXX and XXXX)

      Other operating income

      Materials & Services

      Personnel expenses



      I have data from our SQL database and all the transactions from our general ledger. I can get everything out just fine on account level. However, I'm having problems with grouping data from certain accounts together. (ie. all the sales accounts under turnover, all the purchase accounts under materials & services, etc.).

      Do I have to do this when loading data to Qlikview from our database by creating for example a new calculated field that has the information under which type of costs or income specifics accounts belong to, or can I do it in some other way? I've tried to create a chart with different dimensions/expressions in Qlikview which would contain all the information but I naturally can't get all the lines to align.

      The only way I've managed to do it in Qlikview is by adding separate charts on top of each other that only display one line of information but it doesn't seem to be all that convenient solution.

      Any tips on how I should get this done?


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