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    Practical QlikView Dynamic Column Report Design issue

      Dear Qlikview experts,

      Here I have a few problems with my Dynamic Cloumn Report design in QlikView.

      Please refer to the following screenshot and my source code.

      error loading image

      Problem 1:

      How to make the selected name at point 1 to show up in point 2 as Column name, (the points1,2,3 mentioned are marked in red color on the screenshot). At point 2 the current display is the expression at point 3.


      Problem 2:

      After the three selections are made (marked in Green color at point 1 in the screenshot), all the rows in the report of 'Groups' are messed up due to each selection,such as Apple, Banana, Cherry, has different number of values.

      error loading image

      It supposes to be looking like this:

      error loading image

      but it is not.


      [View:http://community.qlik.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Discussions.Components.Files/11/0647.Dyanmic_5F00_Column_5F00_QlikVeiw_5F00_Report.zip:550:0]So does any expert have any idea on how to solve the issues I mentioned above, please see my source code,

      just download all the things to your desktop. It is a very practical design, I think


      I love you experts in the forum as you always come with great ideas to conquer the hard challenges from Qlikview design.


      Many thanks in advance.

      (Special thanks to

      Mr. Vlad Gutkovsky,


      Natural Synergies, Inc.

      as this design comes from your initial suggestion in my previous post 'Dynamic columns on Qlikview Report' dated on 12/04/2011)