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    Show a count of the number of sales that fall into a range within a pie chart

      I have a table of "deals". Here's an example set of data:

      ID Type Amount

      #1 sale 1100

      #2 sale 3000

      #1 fee 100

      So the total value of deal #1 is 1200.

      I need to show a pie chart which shows the count of sales that have a values between 0-500, 500-1000, and >1000.

      I've been trying to come up with a formula for the dimension field. So far I have:

      IF( Amount <1000, IF( Amount < 500, '0-500', '>500', '>1000)) .... then my expression is Count(ID)

      This works OK but isn't really correct. I think it's counting sale #1 as being > 1000 and < 500 and sale #2 as being > 1000.

      I need it to SUM the same IDs to get a total value so the correct result should be just 2 results for above 1000.

      Not sure how to add SUMs to the IF statement. Thanks!