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    Top 5 in Bar Chart


      In the stacked Bar Chart for each dimension i have to display the top 5 values and remaining values as others.

      For e.g if i have the country as dimension , i should display the top 5 cities and remaining cities sum in the stacked bar chart. It will have have 6 stacks with top 5 and others.

      Any idea on this ?????

        • Top 5 in Bar Chart

          Hi XXX,

          You can restrict the Max Visible No(1-100) to 5 and can use the show others option (Enable the check box for others). But you have to use more than one dimension . Please share the data so that I can try it on...



          • Top 5 in Bar Chart

            Hi Chakravarthy,

            yes as u suggested we can display only 5 with sorting as descending. But it should have the others option and it should be stacked chart. Stacked is based on the multiple expression and the i am not sure it is based on dimension