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    if else statement

      I am sorry I have to ask this and to open a new thread, but I am trying to get the project status automatically calculated which - after many tries - isnt working :(

      (Project)End is before today then (<today) -> finished (Beendet)

      (Project)Start is in future (>today) -> in progress/not started (in Arbeit)

      all other cases -> aktive (läuft)

      I have already tried a lot of combinations of the following line but if i change the commas or the brackets some parts of the formula get coloured and others not,e.g. then "else" is green instead of blue but the formula gets coloured (which means that it is correct).


      if((date(Ende,'DD.MM.YYYY')<today('DD.MM.YYYY')), 'beendet'), if(date(Start,'DD.MM.YYYY')>today('DD.MM.YYYY'),'in Arbeit') else 'läuft' as V_Status


      Must be a "Newbie" questions but i havent found anything in the online help and the forum which gives me a hint, everytime "error in script" :(

      Thanks in advance for your help,