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    How to ignore calculated dimension using RANK function

      Forum - I know there is a solution to this but I can't figure it out. Usually I would use set analysis to filter out data in my expression but I don't believe I can with the RANK function.

      See below and attached example. I simply trying to RANK my dimensions based on Quantity sold, but the problem is that since it's a pivot table I'm creating a calculated dimension to list my top 5 dimensions and bucket the rest in an "Others" category. So when I use the RANK function in my expression it ranks this "Others" dimension as if it were in my original dataset.

      I want to ignore the "Others" row in my RANK. Something like

      IF Name = 'Others' THEN null() ELSE RANK(Name)

      With this the "Others" category will be dropped to the bottom and it will be ignored in the ranking. Any suggestions?

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