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    Filling in data gaps with zero values



      Lets say I have this data for a month:


      Header 1Header 2


      I need to fill in the gaps between so that all the dates in the month are shown, but with zero against the ones that are zero. This is because when I try to plot this data on a chart I only get 5 values, despite me having created a master calendar so that the other dates exist. I need the chart to show the continous days with zero values against the days that are zero.


      Anyone help?

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          Jonathan Brough

          I often have problems with this and am generally relieved when I don't as gaps in a timeseries are a massive no-no. Things you may want to try include:

          1. on the date dimension, tick the 'Show all values' checkbox

          2. on the presentation sheet, untick the 'Suppress zero values' and 'Suppress missing values'

          If that doesn't work, I have in the past resorted to setting up dummy values of 0 in my fact tables for each combination of date and the major dimensions my charts are shown by. I hated myself for doing so and haven't had to use it recently.


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              Jon, thanks for your reply.


              1. The show all values checkbox kind of worked, but now the dimension axis doesn't adjust when data selections are made.


              2. No effect.


              How would I create dummy zero values in the fact tables? My data comes from a database so can't edit the source. My data structure is essentially this:


              Master Calendar:               Data:

              Timestamp                         Timestamp          Value

              01/04/11                             03/04/11               6

              02/04/11                             11/04/11               2







              Christian, I already have a master calendar. Not sure what you mean by sum(nothing)=0.



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              Christian Conejero

              Create a calendar. they are many in these forums...

              In your table or chart, go to Properties > Presentation > Uncheck supress cero values and check show ceros.

              If your function is SUM, sum(nothing)=0, it'll show cero.

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                Thomas Duvivier



                The problem is that if you have a selection, the missing dates are not associated, so will never be shown in the axis.


                I've solved once this problem by adding another expression like :




                And check the "Invisible" box in the Expressions tab.


                Hope it helps,



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                  Hi Daniel


                  You need a reference table with all days, and then join with your desire table, like this:




                      REF_DATE as DATE





                  Inner Join(Reference_Table)


                      [Header 1] as DATE,

                      [Header 2] as hValues




                  After that:


                  change the missing values to "0", and then Supress Zero-Values and try this options:

                  • ALT( hValues, 0 ) as new_hValues  or..
                  • if(hValues='-',0,hValues) as new_hValues


                  Best Regards,