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    Session Timeout

    Karthick Venkatachalam

      Hi All ,


      Application we have developed is going to be 24*7 live . For every 10 mins the application will be refreshed with new data .


      Most of the time , the application is going to be Inactive (means the application will be 24*7 live in LCD screens on client place and clients are just going to look at the reports numbers on every data-refresh. Nothing else they are going to do.)

      Due to Inactivity , application is facing Session timeout issue .


      For this issue, I have already made Maximum Session Time out to 195898285 secs (Approx. 6 years) which is the maximum value that we can specify . But I feel its not a good idea.


      Is there any other way to avoid this Session Timeout ?


      Pls find the attached screenprint of Document - Server settings i am using . Please advice me if i have to do some changes to this settings as well .


      Thanks in advance ,

      Karthick V.