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    Problem export excel number format num(..)

    Jonathan Dau

      Hi everyone,


      I'm sorry if my issue was already solved in another post but I couldn't find the answer to my problem.


      Actually here it is:


      I have a table where I'm calculating different stuff as Margins, Volumes of sales and so on.

      For one of the indicator I'm calculating volumes for diffents things (volume in terms of turnover or volume in term of number of sales for instance).


      As I cannot use one single format for the numbers I use the

      - NUM(expression, format-code ('# ##0')) for numerical

      - NUM(expression, format-code ('# ##0 €')) for monetary units


      Everything's fine so far but the problem is when I export the table on Excel.

      Excel doesn't recognize the format I've defined and display the values as Text which is bad when we want to use the Excel file for other calculation.


      Do you have any idea of how I can deal with that.


      Thanks in advance