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    formatting box plots

      Hi Qlikcommunity,



      I am struggeling with some problems related to the formatting of box plots.

      In the example attached



      • the symbols in the legend have a shadow, which I need to delete
      • the line representing the whiskers, the mean and the frames of the box are rather thin. Is there a possibility to change the size of the these lines and frames?


      Thank you very much in advance for any help and suggestions!



        • Re: formatting box plots
          Nicole Smith

          I don't think you can change the size of the lines of the box plot; however, you can change the shadow behind the legend if you do as follows:


          On the Presentation tab of the object, under legend, select Settings.  Then make sure that Legend Style is set to Classic (your legend will end up looking like it does in my screen shot):



          I hope this is helpful!

            • formatting box plots

              Thank you very much,


              but this doesn't really solve the problem. The data points created with e.g. Aggr(If(Geo = 'Languedoc-Roussillon',Wert),[Handelspartner], Geo) from the beginning appear with a shadow in the legend, while they are displayed without a shadow in the graph.


              This remains the same when changing the style of the legend.


              Any other suggestions?