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    how to find number of months when one of the date is system date/current date

      Hi All,


      I need to count the number of months between 2 dates. the first date is a field called OPEN_DATE and the second date is the Current system date/Current date vice versa.


      My logic needs to work as


      If count(month (OPEN DATE- CURRENT DATE))>=6 or count(month(OPEN DATE-CURRENT DATE))<=12 , 1,0 as FLAG


      I would be using this logic in my Load script where I get the field OPEN DATE from an excel source. In the above expression 6 & 12 shows that anything which has a count between 6 & 12 months should have the value 1. Current date is the current date of that day when I am loading the script.


      Please help me write this logic in Qlikview code. Appreciate all your help In Advance.