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    How to create this chart in Qlikview?

    kevin cool

      HI All,

                Please find below the below figure,I'M facing problem creating the chart column in this chart.Do anyone have an idea how can i re-create this chart in qlikview.Thank you.New Bitmap Image.bmp

        • How to create this chart in Qlikview?
          Jagan Nalla



          It all depends on your data, expression you written for Chart label. In Expression Tab select your chart expression and  select minichart in Representation -> Mini Chart Settings ->Select your dimension here and choose your Mode -> Ok

            • How to create this chart in Qlikview?
              kevin cool

              I know what your talking about...The modes in mini chart does not consist of the requirements in my chart.Instead of mini chart we have to use linear gauge but i am unable to do this with linear gauge.

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                  roland kunle

                  Hi kevin,


                  did you succeed?

                  What about an example QV-App? Or some examples in excel from what you want to achieve. Then give the community a chance.


                  Lets try,


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                      Oleg Troyansky

                      I don't think a chart that is EXACTLY like the one presented, is possible to reproduce in QlikView.


                      The closest to it would be a Gauge inside a straight table, however the Gauge can't have variable segment boundaries within the same chart - all the segment boundaries are calculated once for the whole chart and can't vary in each line.


                      In order to do it in QlikView, you'd have to "normalize" all the segments across the lines, and deven then you might have to overlap a number of transparent charts in order to reproduce all the "bells and whistles".


                      Perhaps a good candidate for an Extension object?



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                          roland kunle

                          Hi Oleg,


                          I agree with you, you can't allways rebuild exactly every feature of other tools (esp. excel).


                          But recently I had the challenge to "copy" a straight table chart which includes a bar in every line for some measures. My nearest QV-Version looks like the attached pic. (Put the Delta bars into the straight table)


                          I tried in vain using linear gauges because of the reasons you mentioned above.

                          Any way: I think it is a real and reproducible requirement.



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                              kevin cool


                                 I know my reply is late because I gave up creating this chart as it cant be done in qlikview.QV calculates segments in linear gauge the same for all dimension values although the needle varies!.This chart was done in excel by my client.I found an alternate way although not the correct alternative,it is to display only ONE VALUE of the dimension so that the segments change with the selection.

                                       i have tried with the trellis chart option,came somewhere near to the goal but no the chart cant be done just

                              as it is in qlikview.Thanks all for ur comments.



                              Not the correct chart.png

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                      Hi Kevin,


                      After two years, I faced the same request... and I was combining a mini-graph (spark-lines) with a charts but this is complex aligned the dimension (Organization).


                      Do you have a workaround?