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    Error in connection JDBC-COBOL --- QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA

    ricardo escobar

      Hello, please I need someone who knows about this give me a hand.

      I spent several days trying to connect from the QlikView with some Cobol extension files. DAT, SEL, FD, VIX.

      After much work and research and I have been able to connect using JDBC and
      HXTT Cobol JDBC driver.



      But I did not return any data, and I get the error QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA



      My connection is:

      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider = JDBCConnector.dll; jdbc: cobol :/ / / C :/ cfactura.dat; XUserId = fEDDLOD; XPassword = DQLERBB;"

      Therefore selected the data as follows:

      SQL SELECT * FROM cfactura;/ /

      At compile I get the following error:


      "Customer reading error


      SQL SELECT * FROM cfactura.






      And then I get the following window where I recognized the names of the fields and the structure but no data




      I thank you very much any help on this topic.