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    Event on google maps?

      Good morning everyone, I have an extension that communicates with the Google Maps like to know how can I add an event in the extension when I click on the city he automatically selected position in the city?

        • Event on google maps?
          Dennis Hoogenboom

          If you are using Google maps in Qlikview the map you see is only the background of a chartswhich adjust by the selections you make. If you wnat to click on the map there has to be data (connceted through longitude and latitude) on that spot (city) to be able to really select something. If you do have all the cities in your data (with longitude and latitude) you could make "invisible" dots which for the cities. You can do this by maken the color of the dot transparant. Use for this ARGB() as your colour code 


          fe: =Argb(0,0,0,0)   // the first number determines the transparancie: 0= transparant, 255 = solid