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    Creating a graph where you can choose different years... (noob)

    Erik Hultgren



      Im totally new to qlikview, i have tried to look at some videos and stuff but i have som questions now and im hopefull that someone here can help me out.


      Im having a excel file, with jan-dec and every month have a value say between "0-500" and then i have this information for 2 years. I have managed to create a barchart for each year, but i really want a graph just showing the "months" on the x-axis and the values on the y-axis. Then i want a listbox where i can choose between 2012 and 2013.


      But when i try to create a graph i only get dots and not the line between the dots, and also i don't know how to do to change between years.


      I hope this makes sence, it's quite hard to explain and english is not my native language.


      Thanks for all help!!

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          I assume you do have a flat table with fields


          Year, Month, Value

          2011, Jan, 123


          2012, Jan, 231





          It might be best to create a date field from Year and Month and to convert your Month string field to a dual value field (this makes it much easier to sort your Month in chronological order later on).


          So maybe use two additional lines in your load like:


          LOAD Year,RAND()*500 as Value,

          date(date#(Year&Month, 'YYYYMMM')) as MonthStart,

          month(date#(Year&Month, 'YYYYMMM')) as Month

          INLINE [

          Month, Year

          Jan, 2011

          Feb, 2011

          Mar, 2011

          Apr, 2011

          May, 2011

          Jun, 2011

          Jul, 2011

          Aug, 2011

          Sep, 2011

          Oct, 2011

          Nov, 2011

          Dec, 2011

          Jan, 2012

          Feb, 2012

          Mar, 2012

          Apr, 2012

          May, 2012

          Jun, 2012

          Jul, 2012

          Aug, 2012

          Sep, 2012

          Oct, 2012

          Nov, 2012

          Dec, 2012



          Starting from this flat table, it should be easy to create a line chart, use Month as dimension, =sum(Value) as expression (since Month can hold multiple values for multiple years, you need to use an aggregation function here), and create a list box to choose a year (you can force always one selected value in list box properties).


          Please see attached,