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    Can you use calculated dimensions in an extension?

      Hi !


      Anyone know if you can use calculated dimensions in a extension?



        • Can you use calculated dimensions in an extension?

          Ditto on Mike's question...

          Any sage advice around how to deal with calculated dimensions when working with an extension?

            • Can you use calculated dimensions in an extension?
              Brian Munz

              First the bad news...

              There is a bug in QV11 that makes it not possible to set up calculated dimensions in (at least) extensions.  The bug has been logged and will be fixed in a future SR.


              Now the good-ish news....

              There's a workaround (thanks to Erik Wetterberg) to hardcode the calculated dimension in the extension's Definition.xml file (which is found in the extension's folder).

              So, if you wanted to do a calculated dimension on the first dimension of the extension, you'd add the following code toward the end of the Definition.xml:

              <InitiateName="Chart.Dimension.0.Field" value="=1+1" />

              The value is of course the calculated dimension.

              Rather than constantly having to modify this file to test the calculated dimension in the extension, I'd suggest testing it on a regular qlikview object first to make sure it's solid before hardcoding it.

                • Can you use calculated dimensions in an extension?

                  Thanks for all of the information Brian !  I definitely appreciate it.


                  Just for competion, here's the Definition.xml file that I used to confirm that this works.  Note the space between the words Initiate and Name.  Also, the line Dimension Initial appears to be required for this to work too.



                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                  <ExtensionObject Label="My Extension Label">

                  <Dimension Initial=""/>

                  <Measurement Initial=""/>

                  <Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.0.Field" value="=if(Name='One','One',NULL())" />


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                    Hey Brian,

                    I tried the suggested sample but its not working for me.


                    Here my Definition.xml file below:


                    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                    <ExtensionObject Label="Google Maps" Description="Google Maps Marker" PageHeight="800">

                              <PropertiesPage Version="11" File="" />

                              <Dimension Label="Dimension" Initial=""/>

                              <Dimension Label="Dim2" Initial="Test123" />

                              <Measurement Label="Expression" Initial="" Multiple=""/>

                              <Measurement Label="Expression2" Initial="" Multiple=""/>

                              <Measurement Label="Expression3" Initial="" Multiple=""/>

                              <Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.1.Field" value="=if($(vShowRoute), [Last Known Location], [IDS Driver Assets]" />



                    Can you have a look and see what i'm missing?  "Last Known Location" & "IDS Driver Assets" are field name within my dashboard.

                • Can you use calculated dimensions in an extension?
                  Jérémy George

                  You can also set a calculated dimension dynamically from the javascript code by doing:

                  this.Layout.SetProperty('Chart.Dimension.0.Field', "=if(Name='One','One',NULL())");

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                    Bjorn Wedbratt

                    Have you tried the following in Properties.qvpp?


                    <div class='prop-grid_clear prop-grid_prepend-1 prop-grid_span-5 prop-grid_standard-height prop-grid_label'>
                          <div class='prop-grid_span-10 prop-grid_last prop-grid_standard-height'>
                            <input class='prop-grid_checkbox prop-expression-input' type='text' style='width:94%;' avq='edit:.Chart.Dimension.0.Field' />
                            <span propicontype='expression' avq='dlgprop:.Chart.Dimension.0.Field:Expression.qvpp'></span>