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    Match Coordinates in between 2 values

    Luca Cavallari

      Hi everyone, i have this kind of problem:

      i need to match 2 coordinates  Latitude and Longitude in between a set of coordinates (given from another table), to find out where Latitute and Longitue are placed


      The second table gives me this kind of information:   latitudeMIN, latitudeMAX, longitudeMIN, longitudeMAX , Town, State....


      So i need to do this kind of work in the script:

      IF   LatitudeMIN<= Latitude and LatitudeMAX>=Latitude AND LongitudeMIN<=Longitude and LongitudeMAX>=Longitude

      THEN i join the information STATE,TOWN etc...


      it's like a double interval match, how can i work this out without joining the 2 massive tables in one? with big data this would get a memory crash.




      Thank you in advance




        • Match Coordinates in between 2 values
          Luca Cavallari

          noone has a clue?

            • Match Coordinates in between 2 values

              could you post a small example of the info? I'll give it a shot

                • Match Coordinates in between 2 values
                  Luca Cavallari

                  Main Table:

                  DeviceDwl KbpsUpl KbpsLatencyLatitudeLongitude

                  Location Table:


                  these are examples of the 2 tables, i need to determine for all the Devices which is the town they are located in, to do so i need to check if its latitude is in the interval between latMIN and latMAX AND at the same time if its longitude is between lonMIN and lonMAX

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                      Ok let me take a look at the info.


                      Beforehand, what alternative are you seeking to using a intervalmatch/joining/linking of tables solution?

                        • Match Coordinates in between 2 values
                          Luca Cavallari

                          For what i know, the only solution i could get on mind was to join the 2 tables and then load all the records checking the expression "IF Latitude>=latMIN and Latitude<=latMAX and longitude>=lonMIN and longitude<=lonMAX".

                          But joining a table of 20k records with another with 300k records, i guess it would burn my memory XD



                          That's why i was seraching if someone had the same kind of problem and how it could be solved differently.

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                              Stefan Wühl



                              instead of joining both tables and doing a subsequent load with a where clause, you could try using interval match, like



                              LOAD recno() as ID, * INLINE [

                              Device Latitude Longitude

                              Device1 45,056 12,058

                              Device2 41,489 12,891

                              Device3 37,853 13,773

                              Device4 41,002 17,005

                              ] (delimiter is ' ');




                              LOAD * INLINE [

                              lonMIN latMIN lonMAX latMAX Town Province

                              11,508528 44,38173 13,521298 46,39072 Cervasca CN

                              9,508528 40,21985 13,521298 44,22884 Vernante CN

                              13,541318 33,96454 13,946837 37,97354 Bionaz AO

                              16,534067 40,44293 17,546837 45,45193 Sparone TO

                              7,534067 45,24508 7,546837 45,25408 Mathi TO

                              7,534067 45,2271 7,546837 45,23609 Fiano TO

                              7,534067 44,43569 7,546837 44,44468 Cuneo CN

                              7,534067 44,38173 7,546837 44,39072 Cuneo CN

                              ] (delimiter is ' ');



                              // solution 1

                              Join IntervalMatch (Latitude) load latMIN, latMAX Resident TAB2;

                              Join IntervalMatch (Longitude) load lonMIN, lonMAX Resident TAB2;


                              If you don't like that, you could also doing something like this (should not use too much memory, but it's probably quite slow due to the loop / repeating resident load):


                              //solution 2


                              Let vDevNum = FieldValueCount('Device');


                              For i = 1 to $(vDevNum) step 1


                              //left join (TAB1)



                              Lookup('Device','ID',$(i),'TAB1') as Device, Town, Province

                              Resident TAB2 where

                              Lookup('Latitude','ID',$(i),'TAB1') <= latMAX and

                              Lookup('Latitude','ID',$(i),'TAB1') >= latMIN and

                              Lookup('Longitude','ID',$(i),'TAB1') <= lonMAX and

                              Lookup('Longitude','ID',$(i),'TAB1') >= lonMIN





                              drop table TAB2;


                              left join (RESULT) load * resident TAB1;


                              drop table TAB1;


                              Probably there is even some better approach..





                              edit: I edited the bounding boxes for the locations table, just to get some matches.. Don't use these for navigation ;-)

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                                  Luca Cavallari

                                  Hi swuhel,

                                  i was just making up something exatly like your solution1, but my computer completly freeze when it tries to do the 2nd join (core i3, 4GB Ram).


                                  I was working around that solution right now...


                                  I will surely try your second suggest if i miss the targer



                                  Thank you very much


                                    • Re: Match Coordinates in between 2 values
                                      Luca Cavallari

                                      Ook, i've done it, there was also another problem, the range of 2 coordinates wasn't distinct.

                                      meaning that i had some sets like

                                      latMin              latMax

                                      14,13000        14,78000

                                      14,12555        14,78000

                                      14,12000        14,78000


                                      like there are subsets of the same range, then i needed to control latitude and longitude togheter. This is my last working script:



                                      load *,
                                      AutoNumber(latmin&'_'&latmax&'_'&lonmin&'_'&lonmax,'key_coordinates') as key_coordinates,
                                      autonumber(latmin&'_'&latmax,'key_latitude') as key_latitude;
                                      LOAD lonmin,

                                      IntervalMatch ([Latitude]) load latmin,latmax resident Mappa;

                                      Left join (MainTable) load distinct [Latitude],latmin,latmax, autonumber(latmin&'_'&latmax,'key_latitude') as key_latitude Resident MatchLatitude;
                                      drop tables MatchLatitude;

                                      IntervalMatch ([Client Longitude],key_latitude) load lonmin,lonmax,key_latitude resident Mappa;

                                      Left join (MainTable) load distinct * Resident MatchLongitude;
                                      drop tables MatchLongitude;
                                      drop field key_latitude;

                                      rename Table MainTable to MainTable_tmp;

                                      load *, AutoNumber(latmin&'_'&latmax&'_'&lonmin&'_'&lonmax,'key_coordinates') as key_coordinates Resident MainTable_tmp;
                                      left join load
                                      Resident Location;

                                      Drop Tables Location,MainTable_tmp;