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      I'm having trouble with alerts. I'll start by saying I've searched community.qlik.com "alerts" on google, and have probably read every topic on this forum but still cannot figure out alerts, maybe somebody can appoint me.


      I'm running QV 10 w/ Publisher, I understand QEMC needs to be set up but I cannot even get the document to show a pop-up.


      My 'Condition' is: sum(ProgressItems.ManHoursVarianceToDatePercent) <= -10

      My 'Message' is: =count(ProgressItems.ManHoursVarianceToDatePercent <= -10) & '' & 'cost item(s) have been found with negative variance. Please check where this work stands.'


      My 'Mail Subject' is: ='Qlikview has identified' =count(ProgressItems.ManHoursVarianceToDatePercent <= -10) & '' & 'negative cost item(s)'


      Everything else is visible.


      What am I doing wrong? Am I not understanding part of this process?


      Thanks in the advance.




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          Rob Wunderlich

          Will the Alert fire when you reload in Developer? (You'll need to check the Mode Interactive on).




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              Hi Rob, thank you for replying.


              Yes, the alert fired off when I reloaded developer with interactive on. Some of my formatting was a little off.


              I received a pop-up showing the mail tab in user settings, which I then x'ed out of, and another pop-up then opened asking if I wanted to email 'anthony.babich@harddollar.com', I chose yes and haven't received anything. I did see my text alert within the software though, which is a plus, I haven't got that to work until now.


              What steps do you suggest I take to get this working smoothly?


              What are the mail options within QEMC used for opposed to the mail options within the developer software?


              Thank you,


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              What I understand. Alert is getting fired but mail is not reaching to recepient.


              When u are setting mail credentials in User Preferences in qvw. There is Authentication Method drop down has certain options. Mind it SSL and TLLS is not supported here.


              In this context Gmail will not work but your company domain email account may work if they don't require SSL / TLS things.

              Do a little check with some email address without them.