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    what if analysis

      I have to make a what-if analysis, where the user sets the values of some variables (using some sliders) and then qlikview calculates the results based on the variables


      in this topic  http://community.qlik.com/message/203731#203731  they told me i have to make a partial reload to calculate the results


      but i cannot do this since the end user cannot do a partial reload using qlikview via web


      so is there a way to create working what-if analysis in qlikview??


      i have attached an example, with a simple what if analysis and alla the things discussed in this topic

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          Stefan Wühl

          If you can't do a (partial) reload, you would need to move your new field calculations to the frontend, i.e. use an expression or calculated dimension instead. Not sure if this is possible or easy doable in your case, to help you more, you would need to give more information about your data model, the what-if analysis you want to do and the calculations used in the script.


          Probably best to post a small demo app that demonstrates your issue here to the forum.



            • what if analysis

              I'm not an expert, thus correct me if i'm wrong:

              i have some data loaded from an excel file, that are saved into a field

              i have a variable which the user can modify using the slider

              i have to dinamically make calculations with those 2 data (for example multiply the values taken from excel and the variable)


              if i understand correctly, these calculations can only be done within the script

              otherwise i would need something like X variables to contain all the values of the excel file


              i am really confused about that

                • what if analysis
                  Stefan Wühl

                  I think it should be possible to calculate all is needed in the frontend.


                  Could you post a small sample (e.g. the excel file), doesn't need to contain your real data, but should demonstrate your issue?

                    • what if analysis

                      I have edited the discussion and attached an example

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                          Stefan Wühl

                          If you want to calculate something in the frontend, you need to use a chart object where you can use expressions, just a table box will not do the job.


                          For example create a straight table chart object with dimension name and as expression


                          = quantitiy * vVariable


                          This should dynamically re-calculate your values when you move the slider / change the variable.


                          Hope this helps,


                            • what if analysis

                              Ok, i wrote a bad example: my situation is a little more complicated

                              I have changed the attached file with a new one


                              As you can see i have 3 variables, and based on the content of the "name" field i load a different value and assign it to the "variable" field

                              This way i can then use this field to make sum and other aggregations


                              But i have to do this outside the load script

                              If i make an expression in the chart table (as your example shows), i cannot use that value outside the chart

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                                  Stefan Wühl

                                  That's indeed only a little bit more complicated.


                                  You just need to convert your script expression in a front end expression, so I think you can use an expression like




                                  to pick the right variable for your name and then just multiple by your quantity or if you want to have an aggregate over all your names:




                                  See also attached,


                                    • what if analysis

                                      Thanks for your time Stefan, and thanks for the hints

                                      But this way it's gonna be too complicated soon


                                      A friend of mine suggests to define some variables to contain the values i need


                                      But even in this case i get into some unexpected errors


                                      I have edited the discussiond and attached a new file


                                      As you can see i create vVariable to contain tha value i need, whit the various "if" in the expression


                                      Then i create vResult, expecting to multiply vVraiable with quantity


                                      But as you can see in th table it only shows some -


                                      Is this an expected behavoir?


                                      How can i make calculations with variables?