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    selection by default

      Hi All,


      How can I force a selection on a field for all the period less than a number , for example less that 10.

      I have this calculation ='<='& Vmax . What I need is a string contains : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.10  in selection box but this calculate gives me just 10 in selection box.

      Any idea is appreciated.


        • selection by default
          Karl Pover



          If the selection is possible


          ='<=' & Vmax






          should select 1,2,3,...,10.  So the expression you have looks right to do what you are expecting.  Do you have another selection made that prevents the other periods from being selected?



            • selection by default

              you are right but in the selection box it shows <=10 and I need 1,2,3,4,.....10. Because I have other conditions which check if 1 is selected or if 2 is selected and so on....that's why I need to have al the numbers not just less than the greatest number.

              Any idea is appreciated.