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    expression for "New Customer"

      Hi all,

      I'm looking for a expression where I get a COUNT of "New Customer" back. The definition of "New Customer" is as follow. Each customer, which buy a product in 2012 but NOT has bought it in 2011 is a "New Customer".

      Fields in my model:
      Jahr (Year)

      I tried it out with the following expression:
      COUNT({$<CustomerName = p({$<Jahr={2012}>} CustomerName) - p({$<Jahr={2011}>} CustomerName)>} CustomerName)

      I get values but it seems the number of customers are to low.

      Thanks for your help!


        • expression for "New Customer"
          j i

          I tested the function and it works with no problem. Are you sure you are getting a wrong number of count??

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              Hi alfasierra,

              thanks for your support. I tested again and with set filter the figures are correct. Now I want to add to the rule the fact only if sales > 146. My actual expression is like this:


              COUNT({$<CustomerName = p({$<Jahr={2012},ArticleClass={Clothes}>} CustomerName) - p({$<Jahr={2011},ArticleClass={Clothes}>} CustomerName)>} CustomerName)


              How I can add the rule only if sales is bigger than 146?


              Thanks & Kind regards


            • expression for "New Customer"
              Andrea Stecca


              =if ( aggr(sum( {$<year= {$(=Only(2012)     )}>} Sales),Client) > 0 ,

              if ( aggr(sum( {$<Year= {$(=Only(2012)     )}>} Sales), Client , 0 , 1) , Client)  < 0 , Client ) 


              then suppress null value in dimension