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    Store Command with UNC?

    Jonathan Lee

      This seems like such a simple thing but I can't figure out how to do this:


      I'm trying to store a table as an csv but my script fails at the end:


      STORE FactTable INTO Y:\Data\SAP_EXTRACT\DISTRIBUTIONPLANRPT.csv (txt);  << this works


      I eventually want to use QV Server/Publisher to reload this automatically, but I don't want to specify my drive.


      I tried STORE FactTable INTO \\server1\Data\SAP_EXTRACT\SAP_EXTRACT\DISTRIBUTIONPLANRPT.csv (txt);  but this fails.  Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?  Appreciate it!

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          Erich Shiino

          Hi, Jonathjl.

          You need to check if the user running QV services have the rights to access this path:


          You can check the permissions of this shared folder, or just log in the machine with the same user and try to open it.


          As an alternative, depeding on the path of your qvw, you can use a relative path (this might be even better to work from both machines - server and desktop).


          The command could be:





          Hope this helps,



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              Jonathan Lee

              thanks erich and gary.


              after some testing based on your responses, both reload failed but led me a critical element that I forgot to mention.  I am loading qvds from one server and trying to store a csv on another server.


              The qvds reside on server2.  When I enter below, the command below works.


              LOAD * FROM FactTable.qvd;

              STORE FactTable INTO \\server2\TEST\DISTRIBUTIONPLANRPT.csv (txt);


              However, it still fails when I point to another server

              STORE FactTable INTO \\server1\TEST\DISTRIBUTIONPLANRPT.csv (txt);


              When I specify drive letters, this isn't a problem.  I thought relative path would work but it still fails.   Server/Publisher aside, I can't get this to work on my personal desktop alone.  Any more suggestions?

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                  Gary Strader

                  Relative path won't work if it's on a different server.  I would check:


                  - Do you have network connectivity to server1?  You could try a ping or something else.

                  - Does the service account running Server/Publisher have access to the share?  While logged in as the service account user, try typing \\server1\TEST via start->run.

                  - Has the service account user been given both share access and file system access to the UNC share?

                  - Does the service account user have write access to the UNC share?  Needs more than read access obviously.

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                Gary Strader

                I wonder if you need square brackets around the path.


                STORE FactTable INTO [\\server1\Data\SAP_EXTRACT\SAP_EXTRACT\DISTRIBUTIONPLANRPT.csv] (txt);

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                  if the drive is hidden, make sure to include the $ after the drive name, I was having the same issue as you because (in my case) I was neglecting the dollar sign