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    Section Access best practices

    Kris Balow

      v11 without publisher:


      I'm looking to see if there are best practices for securing document access via Section Access. In my scenario I have ten documents with section access in each document that limit user access to the respective document. I am finding that managing user access this way is very tedious in that for each access change I have to modify the load script and reload that document to implement the new user access and/or security.  I'm looking for an easier that allows me to:


      1. Only allow users to see the documents they have access to

      2. Quickly change user privileges without having to reload the entire document(s)

      3. Easily manage user rights over all documents

      4. Report on all user privileges across all section access enabled documents


      Thanks for any guidance!

        • Section Access best practices
          Gary Strader

          Are you trying to control authorization at the document level, or row-level visibility via section access?  The answer depends on which type of authorization you're talking about.

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              Kris Balow

              Eventually both, but first I'm just focusing on the document level.

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                  Gary Strader

                  Document level authorization is easy.  If you're using NTFS mode:


                  1. Apply NTFS filesystem security to the documents the user should see (will be hidden from AccessPoint if they are not given access)

                  2. See #1 - doesn't require reload

                  3. You can apply user rights at the folder level, which will propagate to all documents in folder

                  4. Hmm... unsure best way to do this in NTFS, maybe a PowerShell script?


                  You can also effectively use NTFS groups to make it easier to manage this.


                  Are you using NTFS or DMS?

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                      Kris Balow

                      I suppose using NTFS is the most straight-forward way to go, so I appreciate your thoughts.


                      Do you have any thoughts on making row/column level Section Access changes on the fly without having to reload the document? Theoretically we wouldn't have to do this often if we are authorizing at the group level, but with specific user access than I can't think of any other way to apply these settings without reloading. Thanks for your help with this!