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    Conditional Format on Totals is incorrect when export to Excel

    Derek Jones

      Hi All


      I'm wondering if this is a bug or if I'm missing a trick....


      I have a straight table with a daily target and a day by day sales. To conditionally format green if they hit their daily and red if they haven't, in the expression I've put an if statement for the background colour and text e.g.



      Now, in Qlikview itself it all behaves as I expect, if you see in my qvw attached, the totals at the bottom are £7500 target for each day and Day 1 achieves only £7460, so is red, Day 2 is £4900 so is red and Day 3 is £8000 so is green.




      However, whenever I send to excel, the formatting is wrong on the totals i.e. Day 1 is green when it should be red?




      If this is a bug, how does one report it?


      My thanks in advance for any assistance