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    Uncheck "supress zero values" in my Extension object ?

    Robert Svebeck



      Again, possibly a simple question from a novice...

      In a ordinary chart, I can uncheck "Supress zero values" which will let me see all dimensions even if the expression has nothing to calculate for a specific value in the dimension.

      If I have two tables like this:

      ID, Descr
      A,  Alfa
      B,  Beta
      C,  Gamma

      ID, Qty
      A, 10
      A, 20
      A, 50
      B, 10
      B, 40

      I make a simple chart with a simple sum(Qty) expression, and with ID as dimension.
      I uncheck "Supress Zero values" -> I will see all three values of ID (A,B,C) and the sum of Qty for each (80,50,-)

      I can not find how to uncheck "supress zero values" in my extension object. When I loop my data like this:

      for (var rowIx = 0; rowIx < myData.Rows.length; rowIx++)
      var row = myData.Rows[rowIx];
      alert (row[0].text + " - " + row[1].text);

      I see that I get only 2 rows, A and B and nothing at all for dimension 1 value C. This is kinda expected behaviour for a normal chart when "supress zero" is checked, but How do I not supress zero values for a extension object?

      Best Regards,

      Robert Svebeck