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    2 periods comparisow, having only one in the script

    Robert Szarek



      I am loading quarterly data to QV (Period, containing 03.2010, 06.2010 etc is one of my variables). I would like to create 2 listboxes showing the data from Period dimension I have loaded (lets call them Period1 and Period2), and then - based on users selection for both of them, I would like to see the "Period1 sum / Period2 sum" for some other dimensions (so basically to create index dependant on periods selected).


        The issue is that I am loading only one Period with the script , so how can I have 2 listboxes ... this would work probably when I create 2 inline loads with periods and then in my Amount definition will have something like sum(if(Period = Period1, Amount,0) but I do not want to edit those inline loads with the new periods loaded - besides, maybe there is some more elegant solution.


      Thaks for your feedback