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    QlikView OCX

      I have read through the QlikView OCX Reference manual. I see there that a method called StartRegFreeOperation is mentioned. I would like to know if anyone has ever used this method and knows exactly what it does and what it is used for.

        • QlikView OCX

          "Normally" you have a registered OCX with the associated dll sitting off in some place like C:\Program Files\ ....


          When your program needs to use the OCX this is the dll that is used. This means the OCX must be installed and registered before your program can use it.


          But what if you'd like to distribute the OCX.dll as part of your program and NOT require the user to install/register the OCX?


          This is possible using  StartRegFreeOperation.


          You need to

          • Put the OCX.dll in a known place, maybe beside your .exe
          • In your code: add the location to the path environment so that when Windows trys to find the dll it knows to check this location
          • Invoke StartRegFreeOperation

          Then when your app tries to use the OCX code, Windows will find it, load it and use it.