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    Set analysis syntax error ?




      The expression below is supposed to find the sum for dates betwen  5/1/2009 and 4/30/2010 here I'm passing the year using a variable,




      I wanted to take care of upper limit for Enddate also, if Enddate falls between 01/01 to 4/30 of vCampaignYear +1 , i.e. in the same fiscal year?


      This is wt i came up with , but unfortunately it still shows records whose membership has ended in the current fiscal year ( in the attached application check year 2007, u'll see 4/21/2008 which falls in current fiscal year)




      sum({< Enddate = {">=$(=makedate($(vCampaignYearSelected),5,1)) <=$(=makedate($(vCampaignYearSelected)+1),4,30))"} >} COMBINEDGIFT)



      Note: I'm attaching a sample application