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    New version of Qlikview Cookbook

    Rob Wunderlich

      A new version, V10, of the Qlikview Cookbook is available for download at



      The Cookbook contains working samples of a number of common Qlikview tasks. The Cookbook is Personal Edition enabled. All files may be opened by PE users. Please UNZIP the file before trying to open or reload the examples. 


      In addition to editorial corrections, examples added or substantialy revised since Cookbook V9 include:


      --Logging script message to an external file.

      --List files from filesystem using FILELIST and DIRLIST.

      --Using MapSubstring to edit strings.

      --Load from Active Directory - Users and Groups.

      --Making initial selections on document open - V9.

      --User selectable dates using Input Box

      --Incremental reload example.

      --Converting raw time units into Qlikview intervals.


      The Cookbook version, "V10" is coincidentaly the same version as Qlikview V10, and is not dependent on QV V10. The Cookbook examples have been tested with QV 8.5+. Examples that require a specific QV version are identified in the Cookbook documentation.


      I hope the Cookbook is useful in your QV learning journey. Thanks to the many community members who have contributed inspiration or code to the Cookbook examples.


      If you have questions or comments about the cookbook, please post them in this thread.