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    Google API Key / Using Google Maps



      Have looked at a number of QV documents that are using Google Maps / scattergraphs.  The majority of the documents that I view, only display the scattergraph element and not the map itself.


      1) Is this due to the fact im using the old QV v8.5 or is it linked to the fact I have not entered / updated the Google API Key?

      2) Looking at the sign up process to get an API Key, it asks you for the URL where the QV doc is hosted.  As I am developing it locally on my machine, then it will be hosted on the intranet - do I therefore need to get the Google Maps API Premier - or is there another way around this?  Or what URL do I enter?


      Looking at the following QV doc posted by "Sri Vidya" http://community.qlik.com/message/97099#97099, the "google_loc.qv" doc uses the following script which i'm led to believe removes the requirement for a key?

                    gmap_key = 'xx';

      but again this doc doesn't display the background map, just the scatterchart.  - a QV v8.5 issue?


      Have found links to Rob Wunderlich's cookbook, and found an example that doesn't require an API Key.  Have adapted it to include europe and countries, but was wondering whether region could be included in this manner?  ie GB-LND for London, as hinted in the http://code.google.com/intl/nl/apis/chart/image/docs/gallery/new_map_charts.html .


      Adapting the attached file to incorporate a few European regions, (ie GB-LND), im unable to return the data correctly


      Any tips greatly appreciated,


      Kind regards,



        • Google API Key / Using Google Maps
          Francesco Puppini

          Hi guys,

          I have the same question as Rich. Therefore, instead of opening a new thread, I am jumping into his thread.

          I am still a bit confused about the key: is it actually needed to get a key, or the dummy one (gmap_key = 'xx') is OK?

          And if it's needed, what is the URL to insert, knowing that Qlikview is not a web page?

          By the way, I am a self-learner based on the Personal Edition, therefore I am not abe to open the attachments above: please accept my apologies if the answer is inside the files



            • Google API Key / Using Google Maps

              Ciao Francesco


              You don't need anymore a key !

              What do you want to do a static or a dynamic map ?

              Maybe you could  post your  app, it will be easier to help you.


              btw don't apologize, we are glad to help you



                • Re: Google API Key / Using Google Maps
                  Francesco Puppini

                  Hi Jean Jacques,

                  thanks a lot for encouraging me.

                  The static map would be a good start... but in the long run I would like to make a dynamic map...

                  So now, some doubts:

                  1) I remember that Qlikview9 had an example in the start page, where you could copy-paste the object with chart and map... But now in Qlikview10 I don't see it! Where can I find it?

                  2) is there a detailed guide for this? I have found here in the community a document called "whitepaper_how_qliktech_uses_qlikview_google_maps.pdf", but it does not explain very much about how to make the chart (for example what to do in the step that is asking for X,Y,Z)

                  3) I have QV10 Personal Edition: is this a problem? I see that people are exchanging files, but I cannot open them. Is there a workaround solution? (e.g.using a QV installation in a virtual machine, that you don't care about, that you use only to watch other files)

                  4) Here attached you find a simple data source and the application that is using it. Are you going to be able to open it?? Is it because you have a licensed version?

                  Anyway, all I would like to do, as an exercise, is to see this data on a google map. Once I will be able to finish this exerise, and play with it, I will be able to do it also for one of my customers, who asked me to do it.

                  Thanks for the support!