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Custom events for UI and global event dispatcher

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That's nice that QlikView has triggers and conditional visibility for various objects -- this allows creating interactive analytical apps. However, currently there are two downsides:


A. Need to use throw-away disposable variable just to trigger conditional visibilty of objects


B. Rigid and inflexible triggers




In general -- follow MVC approach more distinctly [1]. Particularly -- introduce custom events, similarly to popular Javascript libraries (e.g. Backbone.js) and make UI objects react on these custom events. Sample workflow of a developer in this case could be as follows:


1. Create custom event "Income_chart:hide" in global application event dispatcher

2. Set up trigger for button B01 to fire "Income_chart:hide" event when clicked

3. Set up chart CH01 to listen to the event "Income_chart:hide" and change visibility to None, when received.

4. Set up table CH01 to listen to the event "Income_chart:hide" and change visibility to Always, when received.


What else could be done with custom events:


  • Trigger not only UI properies change
  • Launch execution of JS/VB scripts
  • Fire other custom (or system) events
  • Make objects and document extensions listen to/trigger custom events
  • Make Alerts to fire custom events as well


[1] Idea of using MVC-pattern in QlikView application is covered in my blog post "Really, is QlikView a BI tool?"


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