• Using scalability tool need to cache records for few records

    Hi All,   My data refresh every month.for new month of data need to cache  few selections so that first user also not face any issue for refreshed data. I have seen scalability tool can do that which login...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • Qlik Scalability App ( 5GB ) download link from Qlik FTP ?

    Hi All, I have a colleague who downloaded a 5 GB Qlik Sense Scalability tool. We can't find this App to download anymore. Is anyone aware where this 5GB app can be downloaded from ? did  it move to another loc...
    Zareh Tashjian
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  • Intel Xeon Gold/Platinum - why not whitelisted for 4 socket server?

    Hi!   We just received the latest Qlik CPU Whitelist dated from August, 14th 2018!   Finally the Intel Xeon Platinum made it on the list! Thanks for that!   However both the Intel Xeon Gold (theoreti...
    Roland Vecera
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  • Would Qlikview AJAX benefit from a dedicated graphics card in Server?

    Hi!   Sorry for asking this question, but this is rumor is around for some years now (search for it in Qlik Community and you will find quite some discussions but no real answer).   Recently even Qlik repr...
    Roland Vecera
    created by Roland Vecera
  • Concurrent users not working using NTLM

    Hi ,   I am trying to run concurrent users in QVScalability tool using NTLM, i am giving username and password in sectionaccess.txt file. It is failing due to response code 418. Observed that it is not using se...
    minal patil
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  • Need to select 2 static selections from Listbox in QVScalability tool

    I am facing problem in selecting 2 static fields from Year Listbox (2014,2016,2017,2018). How do i find ID of that value. I used Chrome developer tools, but there for value 2016, it is not showing any ID attribute i...
    minal patil
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  • Azure Content Delivery Network? Faster app browser loads?

    We're trying to improve our Qlik Sense app load performance.. We've been told that some Qlik customers are using CDNs.   Anybody on here have experience with setting these up?
    Stephen Egerton
    created by Stephen Egerton
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object for Qliksense scalibility tool

    Hi Team,   Getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error in tool while executing task in executor. Could you please help to resolve this issue? Attached screenshot for your reference  
    Kapil Agarwal
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  • Scalability tool compatible with Java 10

    Hi Team, Does Qlik sense Scalability tool support Java version 10. If yes please let me know the version of Scalability tool compatibility with Java 10. Thanks.
    Dipali Jagtap
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  • My Tool Log files aren't being generated

    The log files for the Scabaility Tools isn't being generated. Everything looks fine and as expected, it even created a folder with today's date, but it's empty even after the test has ran.   I have made sure to ...
    James Waller
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  • Scalability tool:Assertion failed error

    Hi,   We are using scalability tool to analyze the performance test result. But for text objects it is throwing an error as below:   validate ObjectID,418,Assertion Failed! Extraction of values to make sel...
    sagar kharpude
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  • Qlik Sense Scalability Tool - Failed to get app structure ...

    Hi     I've tried to connect to the virtual proxy with header auth .Unfortunately without success! I do not have a clear idea how to connect manually to the virtual proxy with header auth using modify hea...
    Christoph Goertz
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  • Poor performance after upgrade to april-2018

    Hello everyone,   I upgraded a qlik sense multi node enviroment to april-18 version.   After that, I noticed a poor performance of my schedule tasks during the night (almost 2 hours longer).   Is it ...
    igor gois
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  • ScalabilityTool assistence needed

    Hi,   I'm kind of struggeling with getting the scalability tool working.   I set up my Qlik Sense 2.0.3 Server according to appendix A of the Scalability Tool User Manual: applied license configured virt...
    Daniel Peger
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  • Performance Testing in a Multi Node environment?

    I am running the load scripts using Scalability tools. The test/production environment is setup the following way.   Qlik Center Server Proxy1 Proxy2 Engine1 Engine2 Scheduler1 Scheduler 2   Since th...
    Venkatasurya Balanagu
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  • Qlikview QlikSense Hive connection with Kerberose

    Hi Everyone,   We have requirement where we need to connect Hive database from Qlikview and Qlik Sense with Kerberose security.   Currently we are able to connect to Hive from QlikSense but without Kerbero...
    Manoj Sonavane
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  • Test result reports - Average response time

    I've generated test results for an app and loaded all the logs (scenario text files) and performance counter logs in the Qlik Sense app. After the load - the graphs are updated in the sheet(s) that shows average respo...
    Venkatasurya Balanagu
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  • Load Test the Qlik mashup with Jmeter/LoadRunner

    Hello All,   We have to do load testing for the qlik application using mashups, application uses the web sockets for communication. Please let us know if Jmeter can be used to test the application ?   Usin...
    Mahesh Kendur
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  • How to test performance for multiple apps (running in parallel)?

    With scalability tools we can test the performance/response time of an app with one script but if I have to check the same when multiple apps are used in parallel then what is the best approach?   I am planning ...
    Venkatasurya Balanagu
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  • QlikView Scalability - Server Error in '/QvAjaxZfc' Application

    Hi Team, we are using QlikView 12.0 SR5 and QVScalabilityTools_1_2_4 64Bit for scalability testing .Currently we are using Basic authentication while doing the scalability for Qlikview applications. We have done ...
    Dipali Jagtap
    created by Dipali Jagtap