• Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Integrates Qlik within Cerner workflows

    Integrating Qlik within Cerner allowed Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC to cut inefficiencies and standardize care processes.   Read more: http://global.qlik.com/us/blog/posts/mark-bilotta/custome...
    Joe Warbington
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  • Creating a website with Angular and the Capabilities API

    For all of my large projects I use angular to handle the pages, content, variables, navigation etc. I have setup a template that everyone can access and download from git and branch.qlik.com. In this tutorial, I will ...
    Yianni Ververis
    created by Yianni Ververis
  • Qlik Sense Mashup - Changing Chart Dimension on the fly

    There are cases where we need to switch among charts in a mashup. The easiest way is with jQuery show/hide or if you are using Angular then show the chart based on the model value.   But what about if we have ma...
    Yianni Ververis
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  • How to create a Butterfly (Tornado) Chart in Qlik Sense

    My previous post versed about what I think it is a very interesting use case of Set analysis element function P() to create dynamic sets and how to operate with those sets to solve really complex analysis scenarios in...
    Arturo Muñoz
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  • Introducing Qlik Sense June 2017!

    We are pleased to announce the release of Qlik Sense June 2017!   With releases five times per year, it could be difficult to stay up to date on what’s new. The document attached to this post will help you...
    QlikSense Updates
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  • Qlik NPrinting November 2017 Technical Preview is now available

    Qlik customers & partners are invited to join the Qlik NPrinting November 2017 Technical Preview. This Preview includes some improvements, bug fixes and the following new capabilities:   Embed HTML and QlikE...
    Irena Calovska
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  • QlikView November 2017 Technical Preview Release

    Qlik customers & partners are invited to join the QlikView November 2017 Technical Preview. This Preview includes new features and improvements like: Analytic connections - With analytic connections, you can inte...
    QlikView Updates
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  • Getting all data cells from app.createCube()

    As I was working on one of my latest mashups, I had a task, to get all cells with numerous sets of dimensions and measures, with a HyperCube out of Qlik Sense. The worst part is that one of my sets, had a total of 3+ ...
    Yianni Ververis
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  • Getting More Connected in the Cloud

    We are excited to be closing in on the first year of Qlik Sense Cloud Business!   One of the main areas of focus this year for our customers and cloud development team has been the addition of a broader range of...
    QlikSenseCloud Updates
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  • Introducing DAR mashup template

      NOTE: To increase resolution or size of the video, select the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the player. You will be brought directly to YouTube where you can increase the resolution and size of the playe...
    Arturo Muñoz
    created by Arturo Muñoz
  • Qlik Sense Service Release 3.0.3 and SAP Connector 6.3

    Hi Qlik users!   Qlik Sense Service Release 3.0.3 We are pleased to announce that Qlik Sense Service Release 3.0.3 is now available on our download site.    3.0.3 is the third service release on th...
    Gregory Hood
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  • Enhancing the User Experience Using Conditional Expressions

    As QlikView developers, one of our main focuses is on the user experience. There are many instances where objects only need to be shown upon the user’s request. An example of this is list boxes (filters). With t...
    Charles Bannon
    created by Charles Bannon
  • Quotes in Set Analysis

    Today, the QIX engine has some bugs in the area of a search and a subsequent select. These affect both interactive searches and searches in Set Analysis expressions. We are working on fixing them. However, one of thes...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Limited Load and the First Prefix

    Have you ever had an application that takes a long time to reload and you dread making changes to the script because that would require you to wait until the reload is complete to make sure your changes are working co...
    Jennell McIntire
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  • My Pleasant Surprises Learning Qlik - a multi-part series

    Coming from a traditional business intelligence and ETL background where I’ve used both proprietary and open source solutions – things like OLAP, data modeling, SQL, 4GLs, semantic layers and even coding d...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • The Table Viewer

    The table viewer is a gem.   I use it for many things: to get an overview; to debug what I have done in the script; to check that all tables are linked; to check that I don’t have any unwanted synthetic ke...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Qlik Sense September 2017 - What's New

    Hey guys, happy Tuesday! I'm pleased to be back in this edition of the Qlik Design Blog to introduce you to the September 2017 release of Qlik Sense....right off the heels of hurricane Irma I might add. Florida (my ho...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Qlikが医療分野において破壊的技術を提供する企業(disruptive tech companies)としてランクインしました

    アメリカのマーケット調査会社"Black Book"は医療業界において破壊的な技術を提供する企業(disruptive tech companies)のTop50を公表しました。このランキングは、医療機関や保険者の評価に基づいており、QlikはAnalyticsのカテゴリーで第3位に位置付けられました。 ※"Black Book"は、医療分野の技術やサービスに特化したマーケット調査を行う調査会社です。   Black...
    村田 太郎
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  • Qlik Japan Healthcareについて

    このサイトは、おもに日本の医療関係者の方々が、医療データ可視化/分析のためのQlik製品の活用法について、情報やノウハウを共有するために作成しました。   1. このサイトの内容は外部向けに公開されています。ただ、コンテンツの更新はメンバーの方のみ行うことができます。 2. メンバーになるためには、Qlikアカウントの作成が必要です。Qlikアカウントの作成はクリックテック・ジャパンサイトの右上の「アカウント」ボタン...
    村田 太郎
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  • The Generic Load

    There are a number of prefixes in QlikView, that help you load and transform data. One of them is the Generic prefix.   Whenever you have a generic database, the Generic prefix can be used to transform the data ...
    Henric Cronström
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