• How to load Max(Date) and Max(Date)-1 qvds

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on below requirement.   In C:/Qliksharefolder/4.QVDs path I have number of qvds with date like below. All these qvds contains same columns with different data.  ...
    Mahitha M
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  • How to load Max(Date) and Max(Date)-1 Qvds

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on below requirement.   In C:/Qliksharefolder/4.QVDs path I have number of qvds with date like below.   kensitivities_Detail_20180520.qvd Kensitivities_Detail_20...
    Mahitha M
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  • Enable x-axis scroll bar for trellis charts

    19 votes
    Currently, the enable x-axis scroll bar works only for the first dimension but for trellis charts the first dimension is not the x-axis. Ideally, the option should always apply to the whichever dimension is used for t...
    Van Huynh
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  • calculated dimension problem

    Hello Team,   Facing a problem. pls help. Find below the scenario.   I have used calculated dimension for this below scenarion :   =if(CONCLUSION='Paper Zambia','Paper', if(CONCLUSION='Paper Mala...
    sayan ghosh
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  • Carve out a group of customers in Dimension and get historic data

    Dear all,   Apologies in advance for not being very descriptive in my title.    I have a year worth of data on Customers, Locations and Sale amounts.  I would like to carve out Customers in Febr...
    Aksel Etingu
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  • Expression

    Hi all, please assist to share the expression.   My criteria is as per below:   1. [Bill Type] = {'ZLF2'}, [KSCHL]={'Z1PR'} 2. [Billing Item] = [Billing Item2] 3. Sum [KONV_KWERT]
    Prabu Nakil
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  • Qlik Sense: Combine Quarter with months in a dimension

    Hi There,   Thanks for looking into this.   Problem Statement: I want to create a dimension which would return the values in following format based on algorithm... Let's assume that today is 10/09/2018 &...
    Rahul Goyal
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  • Replicate Excel table in QlikView

    I'm now struggling to replicate an Excel table in QlikView..   I am trying to replicate this Excel table. In my chart the Date and Category is the dimension and the count is the expression. Here is what I ha...
    Bobby Flake
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  • NPrinting- how to put date in text of email

    Hi everyone,   How to put in text of sending email date (date of yesterday)?     Thank you,   Jasmina
    Jasmina Karčić
    created by Jasmina Karčić
  • How to set the same max. & min. value for y-axis grid in NPrinting pixel perfect stacked graph

    Hi all, I have crate some native pixel perfect graphs in my Nprinting pixel perfect report. Where I have placed 7-8 graphs in same level . like this . But y-axis grid of all the graphs are not same so, how can fix...
    vivek anand
    created by vivek anand
  • Handling file versions with Qlik

    Hi all,   With today's article, I want to share with you how to do in order to store a table from Qlik into a CSV file while HANDLING its version.   To explain in better words, if Today is 2018-06-19 ; ...
    omar bensalem
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  • Please kindly assist me in getting the expression correctly .

    Hi All ,   Please kindly assist me in getting the expression correctly . My requirement is if there was a increase from the previous month the ration should display in green , and if there is a decrease , it sh...
    Suvechha Bhadra
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  • ConvertTimetoLocal help

    I have a table which displays different pick and pack times for individual operators for three different warehouses. All times are in CET time. I would like to convert the time to the local time depending on which wa...
    Mina Patel
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  • if else qlikview expression

    I want to write a if else sum qlikview expression in pivot table. Please advise. my concept is as per below:   IF [Bill Type] = {'S1'}. [KSCHL]={'Z1PR'}      then SUM ([KONV_KWERT]*-1)  ...
    Prabu Nakil
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  • Hide a field in a tab;e box until a selection is made in List box

    Dear Qlikview user   I was wondering if someone could kindly help me. I thought I would start with my issue/Question and then some insight as to what I have done so far   Question I require some help to twe...
    Helen Pippard
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  • Mail Settings for Alert

    Hello Community,   I want to send an Mail, if the Conditition of an Alert is ScriptErrorCount > 0. So I set the correct Adress and Port from my Server in the Mail Settings from the User Preferences. Works per...
    David Lamprecht
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  • Concatenate vs Link Table

    Are you stuck with a complex data model? Do you need some tips to resolve the linkage of different fact tables? Does your model have data knots, circular references or synthetic keys?   If you have ever faced a...
    Arturo Muñoz
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  • need to compute percentage

    Hello All,   Please find the attached excel which has the data. Need to represent the sports and user details in pie chart. For that need to compute the percentage of individual sports against total users.  ...
    sriram s
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  • Set Analysis unable to exclude common record

    Hi Team,      I wanted to compare two dates value and need to show only those records which are not present in previous month last day and present in current month last day i.e i wanted to exclude all c...
    Karim Khan
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  • Problem with group by in loadscript

    Hi,   I've been staring at this for a while now but can't see the problem, but Qlikview is kindly whining about "Error in expression: ')' expected" somewhere.   I'd like extract data from a qvd and sum it...
    Tomas Hylander
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