• Firstsortedvalue function with sum in QlikView

    Hello Everyone,   I am using firstsortedvalue function to pick up last value in date field for a particular month. But I would like to combine this with sum function. What I want is, in the attached example, whe...
    Apoorva Dhulehole
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  • Adding fields in Pivot Table

      I need one extra field between 1st field and last 3 fields. the 1st field is the dimension and the last last 3 fields are column added with measure values. I want a field in between the two, which show sum of ...
    Saurav Gupta
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  • User Name  in Dashboard - Qliksense

    Hi all,   We have 2 functions in Qvuser() & OSUser() in Qlikview for display the name of current logged user into dashboard does it is same in Qlik sense I want to display currently logged user name in sens...
    vikas mahajan
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  • Section Access Issue

    Hi all,   I have a requirement where only the Managers have to login with their login credentials, to see all the employee data working under him and his own data in the dashboard. Example: Dept  &nbs...
  • compare sum of sale with previous period

    Hi Community My test_File is attached   I wanna compare sum of sale by month from previous month to show in a text box   Regard
    amirhossein pegahfar
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  • Displaying Data in Hierarchy in Pivot or Straight Table

    Hi all,   I have a requirement as below   Consider i have 3 fields Department, Manager and Employee   I have hierarchy of managers and employees to be displayed in a table Here a Manager named 'A'&n...
    kishore pandurangan
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  • what at is enterprise server ?

    Hi All       May I know what is  , Enterprise server ?   I found the note below :-   Qlik Sense Mobile for iOS is also available in the Apple Enterprise store.   This is the...
    Yeo Poh sai
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  • How to create a comparative view with 2 filters on same column and 2 charts in qlik sense?

    Qlik Sense: I m trying to compare using 2 bar charts and same field filter in 2 different views in qlik sense Want to compare 2 different company sales in all regions as show in image, do we have a solution for it i...
    Gurpreet Singh Arora
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  • Color by Expression - Line Chart and Pie Chart

    Hello, I have a line chart and a bar chart in which I want to use the same expression to color. Below is the expression and a screen shot of the two charts.   Is there a reason that they pie chart colors would...
    Hannah Lines
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  • Trying to calculate yr by yr variances

    I am new to qlikview, creating some simple dashboards, I am trying to calculate yr by yr variances in a pivot style table, ex. =Sum({<Yearnum>} Sales) - Sum({<Yearnum-1>} Sales).  Breaking this down, ...
    norman perez
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  • SAP connector upgrade

    Hello All,   How do you upgrade the connector ?   Do you uninstall  the previous connector and install the latest version ?   Any advise on it ?   Thanks, Nisha
    Nisha Tapadia
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  • Create first report

    Hi, all!   I'm totally new to Qlik/QuickBooks Advanced Reporting.  I've gone through the beginning tutorial, but feel like I need to create a couple reports/graphs before I continue with the tutorials for m...
    Mary Henderson
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  • Criar campo

    Nobres, tenho uma tabela extraída da contabilidade com alguns campos, dos quais constam os campo Conta, Lçto, Débito e Crédito. Há duas ou mais linhas para cada lançamento conform...
    Gilmaio ramos
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  • Add Variable by using macro(VB)

    I want to add(create) varable by using macro. And, if it is possible, I want to delete the variable, too.   like,   set v = ActiveDocument.AddVariable("vTest") '<-- there is no "AddVariable" method &n...
    shin omura
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  • Color by measure

    I am new to Qlik Sense, but I've been doing some low-level development in Qlikview for a couple of years.  I have a simple bar chart with 4 measures, each with different set analyses.  I would like to create...
    Kristan Sears
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  • Expression: pourcentage

    Bonsoir. s'il vous plait je suis un débutant avec Qlik, et j'ai un problème  avec l’écriture des expressions. Je voulais une expression qui me permettra de d'afficher  dans mon tableau d...
    noutegne lionel
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  • Criar uma coluna com aba do excel

    Olá,   Preciso de um help, sei que pra criar uma coluna com o nome do arquivo é só colocar no script:   FILENAME()        As    &n...
    Meirielle Lima
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  • how to delete the field name?

    I have Individual Excel sheet for monthly data. The field name different is some excel sheet. so When I re-use my QV files and reload other excel file the field name shows error so I manually correct.   When I s...
    Ram S
    created by Ram S
  • Pie chart, count scores - lower, middle, upper

    This is a simple question, but I'm struggling with the mechanics.  I have scores for student, with fields "Attained" and "Possible".  Scores are calculated in % as Sum(Attained)/Sum(Possible).  I want t...
    Kristan Sears
    created by Kristan Sears
  • Set expression to get latest week Sales and Previous Quarter Sales in 2 different charts

    Hi Team,   1. If i choose Quarter Year filter in my sheet, and depending on what Quarter Year i chose in the filter i want the latest Latest week sales of that quarter to be calculated.   2. I also want pr...
    Monu Saraswati
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