• Qlikview Waterfall chart how to get % contributor values within the bars

    Friends, I plan to make an waterfall chart (stacked). something like below. I am using dimension less bar charts with only expressions. I am able to construct the waterfall stacked bar chart using the expression offs...
    Satikata Jena
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  • Help on set expression with Different Scenarios .

    Hi All ,   Need help on set expression with following scenarios .   1) How to Find Number of Customers who Did not Purchase any Item in Year 2015 ? 2) How to Find Number of Customers who Did not Purchase...
    shekhar shekhar
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  • Very Strange Bug issue on script

    Hi , as much as I would like to give a sample file on this , but is quite difficult as there are quite a few joining and resident tables in this model.   An overview of this model is that it will have the snapsh...
    Benjamin Lim
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  • Qlikview - Dynamic section access

    Hi I would like to know if it would be possible to reduce a qv data by a user selection. Example: I have a list of Countries with their information (cities, sales, etc). I would like the users to be forced to select...
    Jose Gual
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  • bucketing

    Is there any standard range for bucketing?
    Shruti Sarkate
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  • Connect QlikView Desktop to AWS EC2 or RDS

    Hello, I would like to ask for your input with regard to this intriguing approach where source data (relational database) is sitting in AWS EC2/RDS and I want to connect QlikView Desktop to it to extract the data. I...
    Sokol Petushi
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  • Incremental load

    I was asked a question in one of internal assessments, which I was not very sure of When is Incremental load beneficial? - When the number of new transactions more or - When there are frequent changes in the data &...
    Sugandha Maluja
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  • One fact table multiple granularity?

    Hi, I have data with different levels of granularity: monthly quota vs daily sales, customer vs region. Quota is also assigned at region. How do I concatenate this into one fact  and set up keys if needed?
    Romeo Dela Cruz
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  • Sore fail with "No qualified path for file"

    Th script is as follow:   [Platforms]: LOAD "CN_PLATFORM_ID",     "CN_PLATFORM_DESCRIPTION" as "Platform"; SQL SELECT "CN_PLATFORM_ID",     "CN_PLATFORM_DESCRIPTION" FROM ONRIG...
    uri kimchi
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  • Access documents from OEM server

    Hello everyone,   I have to do some work for a client on Qlik documents but i can not find a way to access there documents. I was told to get the license from the clients server and install it on my Qlikview d...
    Pieter Hendrickx
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  • Business Analyst Qlik Assesment

    Can someone help me with the answers for Qlik Assessment test for BA role?   www.qlik.com/us/services/training/skills-assessment   I am able to score 80% in it but not sure which answers are incorrect.
    Deepak Shrivastava
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  • how to  get the sum of previous months value in qlik sense

    Hi All,   how to get the sum of previous months value in qlik sense. Requirement:  in the master table I have Available Hrs Column and Details table I have Month and Hrs Used i need the sum of previou...
    RAJU K
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  • Is it possible to get a "Shared File Editor" in Powertools next to the Viewer and Repair?

    The feature in Powertools to view the .shared file is very usefull to pinpoint the source issue. But it would be a great for administrators to be able to change all the bookmarks at once. For example the <OneAndOnl...
    Patrick van den Bemt
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  • REST connection in Sense Cloud

    Hello,   I have few questions about the REST connection in Sense cloud.   1) When I am trying to follow the examples in the documentation, such as connecting to google maps API, I am receiving an error: "...
    Aki Riisiö
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  • Help to active list box items and want show inactivated items in list box

    Hi all   I am new to qlikview and trying to learn   Kindly anyone help me and explain how to enable/disable list of items in list box based on variable value which is associated to button.   I want t...
    Prasad NM
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  • Multiple Snapshots at once in QS 3.1 SR4

    Don't we have the option of taking mulitple snapshots at a time in QS 3.1 and above? It was there in 2.1 (source: Qliksense Cookbook).
    Deepak Shrivastava
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  • Conditional Formatting - Rows comparison

    Hi,   Can someone help me do the following conditional formatting: conditional formatting in pivot table by comparing each row to the previous one and color the cells accordingly. (multiple rows exist)   ...
    Sarah Mghames
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  • CSV from Google drive as source

    Hello,   I need some help on how to set up a REST-Connection to load a csv file from Google drive. I managed it to create a client id and a key at the Google Api site.   Now I stumble with the set up of t...
    Leszek Schmelter
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  • Cumul sur histogramme avec données vides

    Bonjour. Première discussion en ce qui me concerne, j'espère ne pas faire d'erreur, merci par avance pour votre compréhension.   La situation : Je dois réaliser un graphique en histogramme ...
    xavier BERTRET
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  • Qliksense QMC error

    Hi,   I have recently installed Qliksense server 3.0.0. The installation was successful but I get an "Can't GET qmc" error when I try to open the management console in Chrome browser.   I have tried reinst...
    Rakshita K
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