• Qlik Sense : Comptage avec dimension dynamique

    Bonjour,   J'ai une table du style Annee Annee_SCO ID 2017     2017          0 2017     2017     &...
    Nicolas Sinquin
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  • Qlikview 12 server

    IF the below (in red) is the case, will it effect the installation on Qlikvew 12 server? Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 - OK   Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended – XEON 6 Core - OK 4 GB RAM - ...
    Kevin Brown
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  • Import Users: What are the mandatory fields required for importing users?

    Hello,   What are the mandatory fields required for importing users?   In the help it mentions the optional fields but rather than guess and find out through import errors, what are the mandatory necessary...
    John Blomqvist
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  • calender dates

    Hi I want when i open the dashboard by default dates should be selected as follows:- For current year 1st day of current month and current year - one day before system date ie 1st april 2018 till 23rd april 2018 ...
    Saksham Kaul
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  • Azure Information Protection

    Has anyone successfully imported data from Rights Managed spreadsheets?   The current method we are testing using power-shell to unencrypt before reading is not very reliable and certainly not production ready s...
    Thomas Cullinane
    created by Thomas Cullinane
  • How the alternate state works in Qliksense without the extension.

    How the alternate state works in Qliksense without the extension. I want to do a comparative analysis. Is there any way to build this feature in the Qliksense cloud like the way it's in QlikView.   @ Qliksense te...
    Ranajit Sircar
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  • invalid month

    Hi All iam trying to implement the incremental load . below is the script for that and the database is oracle. after executing this is giving the error as shown in the screenshot .   Incremental: LOAD "D...
    John Roy
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  • Publish Task: How to setup a publish task where you want a report to be published daily for 10 days every month from a start date?

    Hello,   Is it possible to setup a publish task where you want a report to be published daily for 10 days every month from a start date?   E.g. I may have an NPrinting report that I want to trigger every m...
    Michael Wallman
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  • Qlik Sense : Hide value on a map for small population

    Hi,   I've got a map and I want to hide some values when my population is too small.   I  added a Variable extension (Qlik Branch). I defined TypeAnneeSelect as variable to choose Annee  (TypeAnn...
    Nicolas Sinquin
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  • How to add normal table from qik sense app to pixel perfect report in NPrinting

    I'm not able to add my normal table(not pivot table) from Qlik Sense app to Pixel perfect report in NPrinting. I want to add the table from Qlik Sense App to a Level object in Pixel Perfect report in NPrinting but ta...
    vivek anand
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  • Row Level Access QlikView

    Hi! I´ve a problem with my QlikView report. I´m starting to apply a row level security.   I have a simple COUNTRY list and I want to filter the information that each User can see. Also I want to loa...
    Raul Alberto Dip
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  • Qlik Sense Line Chart date dimension continous scale grouping does not work

    Dear Qlik Fellows.   I need to achieve this: Line chart Date dimension on X axis The whole chart must fit into screen (no scrollbar) Date on X axis should group automatically to month/year etc. The describe...
    Igor Zhilin
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  • Qonnections Keynote - Live Stream

    4/24/18 8:00 AM
      Join us for a live stream of the Qlik Qonnections keynote on Tuesday, April 24th at 8:00-10:00 am EDT / 14:00 – 16:00 CET. Register now and be sure to add this to your calendar!   CEO Keynote: Mike...
    Jeremy Latimer
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    Qonnections Keynote - Live Stream

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  • Pivot table subtotal issue

    Hi Folks,   I want the subtotals of the pivot table to be shown only if the values in the dimension row is more then one, if only one row is there then the sub total row should show.   for eg( refer the i...
    swathii gumte
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  • Allow setting of justification in filter pane

    3 votes
    Currently you cannot control the justification of values in a listbox (in the filterpane).  The client tries to automatically set the justification, but sometimes this does not work well, possibly because values ...
    Erik Wetterberg
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  • To avoid duplicate amount & multiple time repeating

    stalwar1 tamilarasu Hi All,   I have a table which is filtered by my selection criteria for compression purpose. 1.) I have a button "show All" which is used to filter the record based on my selection criteri...
    Dhana vindhan
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  • Monthly data append without rewriting the previous month data

    Hello All, I got a requirement which is like a bit tricky. Please bear with me to explain. Actually I am pulling data from SAP BW system into a QVD file which  runs in weekly basis. Now the requirement is the ...
    Ipsita Mahapatra
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  • Enregistrement variable dans QVD

    Bonjour à tous,   J'aurais besoin d'aide pour réaliser un développement concernant une application de suivi des données. J'aimerais enregistrer la valeur d'une variable à 17h ainsi qu...
    Jenny Parker
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  • If com analise de conjunto

    Bom dia,   Estou com o seguinte cenário:   Dependendo de alguma situação eu faço o calculo A ou faço o calculo B, eu pensei em resolver isso utilizando a função...
    Edson Lana
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  • Cannot create new app on QS Cloud?

    Hi all, i just created a new QS Cloud account. I wanted to create a proof of concept dashboard for the client but I'm unable to create an app right now. When I do create a new app it says"Your cloud app cannot be crea...
    Jason Zhu
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