• Distinct count by month without double counting

    Hi,   I want a to calculate unique count of Serial Numbers tested in each month. The relevant fields being used are "SN" and "MonthYear". I tried to use Count( Distinct(SN) but the problem is some serial numbers...
    Devan Dorman
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  • Unable open QlikSense Dekstop

    Hi All,   I upgraded my QlikSense Dekstop to 3.2 SR4 however it keep stuck more than 20 minutes as per screenshot.   Please assists!   Thanks!
    Nik Hontiam
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  • Load data using unoptimized way

    Hello   How to load data in Qlikview by using unoptimized way   Thank you..
    Prachi Bhagwat
    created by Prachi Bhagwat
  • Counting Days in Specific Month between Two Dates

    Hi to All,   Starting from this post: Counting Days in Specific Month between Two Dates I need to use the date format including hour and minute For example between 01.01.2017 00:00:00 and 01.02.2017 12:00: ...
    ionut biliuti
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  • Exclude Zero bars

    HI ,   I have a requirement to exclude zero bar form a bar chart. I have two dim and one exprsssion bar chart. For dim who has no entry wrt to count are also coming in bar chart  just name on axis.  ...
    avneet taneja
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  • How to transfer Row wise Data into column wise

    Hi, I have attached one excel file in which there are 2 Sheets.   In Query sheet i have give one sample data in which few policies are having two different Sas_code and Sas_Type because of which they are repeat...
    Prasad Kale
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  • Set analysis in pivot table

    Hello!   I have an app with data coming from three tables - A, B, C. They are used to calculate various KPIs. Each table has its own date field and all three are linked to another table showing group names. The ...
    Steve Br.
    created by Steve Br.
  • Remove Duplicates

    Hi all,   To remove duplicates in following tables.   For Example,   1) We have 10 records, the 5 and 6 records having same data except modified date column. 2) Here, we need to get the max modified...
    Lawrance A
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  • fetch the max time stamp of data

    Hi,   I have Six number of file are their .In that file are same name of duplicate names but in different time stamp , so I need to fetch only max time stamp of data for every duplicate file  other one have...
    Vijay Malaisamy
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  • Schedule Chart with calendar

    Hi everyone, I wonder if you could give me some guidance here. I am trying to build an "easy" visualization for tasks , using a pivot table to display different tasks with durations across a master calendar . The step...
    Enrique Herranz
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  • P(),E() functions

    Hi Experts,   In our qlikview i know  how to use Indirect set analysis like P(),E()  functions.   for example i want  show how are purchased Shoes   for that i will use P() condition &...
    mahesh kumar
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  • Need Idea's

    Hi Community, I got new project, please can you help me..... I have financial data, i have to create a dashboard, they have given one set of data 100 locations with sales arranged by products. and another s...
    Paul Walker
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  • Is QlikSense & QlikView Licenses Environment/Machine Dependent !!

    I have 2 license Dev & Production Currently In a windows server Dev License is being used and running, as the no of token are exhausted and i don't have any tokens for a demo can I use the production license in t...
    Ashish Mohapatra
    created by Ashish Mohapatra
  • Excel Export of a Chart with Macro define under QV doc is not running

    I have created an Excel export macro with Ctrl+M in QV documnet . As it is not working with the QMC task (with Post Reload run Macro option in triggers setting). Can anyone suggest a way to invoke macro in load scri...
    Sanjay Kumar
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  • Cycle dimensions using a variable button or dropdown

    Cycle dimensions that change multiple objects with one selection have been a powerful tool in Qlik visualisations and dashboards. Whilst this has not quite made it into the product there is a very simple workaround th...
    Richard Byard
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  • Button and straight table

    i have a button and straight table. whenever user clicks on button, straight table taking some time to filter i want to make a pop up message like "data loading. Plz wait "" until data loaded or filtered completely ...
    suresh kumar
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  • How to apply For Loop in this problem.

    Hi,   I am trying to achieve the following and need urgent help to build the logic/code for the same in Qlikview: Data: Dealer ID Sales Qty 1 100 2 2000 3 490 4 500 5 3000 6 870 7 4102 8 810 9 920 10 100 11 ...
    Nick Jose
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  • conditional color line chart in Qliksense

    Since it is not possible to have dynamic legends for combo chart as there is no "Fx" in the measures. As an alternative I have taken separate text objects showing the "Top Portfolios" i.e 3 separate text boxes for to...
    chitral Chadda
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  • Использование * в SECTION ACCESS

      Правильно ли концептуально, что * - это не любое в данных, а любое из таблички SECTION ACCESS т.е. пользователь ADMIN увидит не все данные, как ожидалось бы, а только 1 и 2 записи, т.к. прав для 3 в SECTION A...
    Ivan Ivanov
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  • Enhance Community Web Site

    I have difficulty searching for Qlik Sense specific information.  I have tried: Entering an AND search at https://community.qlik.com/, such as: hyperlink and relative and sense, but the results contain Qlik View...
    Claire Streb
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