• Current Month vs Previous Month

    Hi guys! I have a doubt.   I have this filter: It shows me year and Month. Now, I put on this filter : Year 2018 and Month July . Also, I have 2 KPI. Current Month and Previous Month.   Current Month s...
    Frantz Gonzales
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  • Write this SQL sentence but in QLIK script

    Hi there! How can I write this sentence in SQL but in a way that works in qlik?   select a.id from table1 a where a.id in (1, 5, 9)   I try the code below, bit seems that "in" in the "where" part doesn'...
    christian thies
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  • NPrinting 17 - dynamic field names

    I'm going to test this out but also want to post a discussion on it as well to see if anyone has any experience with this.  I'm wondering what would happen when an NP report executes but the column names in QlikV...
    Kris Markee
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  • sum up all sales before current month

    I have recent 3 years sales data, I'm trying to sum up all sales before August (current month) in these years. My function is: Sum({<Month={"<(=month(today()))"}>}Sales) The result is 0, I have no idea what...
    Wanyun Yang
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  • Date Dimension

    I'm having issues with my date dimension in Qlik View showing up too many times   Original Data Set   Date      Minutes 1/1/18         ...
    Kayla Ramsey
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  • Envio de pdf individual para e-mails diferentes

    Pessoal, boa tarde.   Estou precisando distribuir vários arquivos em PDF, sendo que cada um vai para um endereço de e-mail diferente. No caso, cada vendedor receberá um arquivo com seu resum...
    Caue Candeloro
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  • Can't Download Latest QV Geoanalytics

    Having trouble downloading the most recent version of QlikView Geoanalytics.  When i go to the website and click download the latest version it jumps me to the download the QlikView application page not the Geoan...
    created by CARL CIMINO
  • Expand a dimension in Qlikview chart

    Hi,   Any guru knows how to expand Year dimension into Month in a bar chart? I want to everytime I click on a year in the dimension, it will expand to 12 months numbers. Basically it's the consolidation of Char...
    hien ngotran
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  • field is 17 numeric positions with rounding

    Hello everyone, I have problems when formatting a field and when doing the extraction the field is passed in scientific notation, the length of the field is 17 numerical positions, I did what I found in the community...
    marisol acosta
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  • Error Event ID 300 from Qlik Sense Dispatcher cannot be found.

    We have been getting this message in our application event logs about every 5 seconds:   Source: Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher.   "The description for Event ID 300 from source Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher...
    Marco Barroso
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  • Inforce count - Insuaranc

    Hello,   I am trying to calculate the inforce count using the link -  https://community.qlik.com/message/497885#497885   And I am unable to work out the set expression for LIVE, and DROPPED.   Di...
    Renuka Mannava
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  • Set Analysis with Multiple Conditions

    I am trying to count the distinct item ids that the quantity is greater than 0 and have a margin greater Than $150. Issue is that it ignores the quantity of greater than 0. When I get my results I see that it is incl...
    Linden Ala
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  • QMC log file format !!!

    Hi All, Generally my logs are used to be logged in below format   Performance_ServerName_YYYY-MM-DD Events_ServerName_YYYY-MM-DD Sessions_ServerName_YYYY-MM-DD   But now it used to create in this format ...
    eromiya simon
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  • Reload Serviço QlikServer (User Cal e Named)

    Olá. Recentemente, aconteceu um problema no servidor QlikView que trabalho. Quando a memória estava muito cheia durante o expediente, por conta de exportação de dados, geralmente para exc...
    renner fonseca
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  • Load variables from file that contain variables

    Hello there,   I already use the method outlined here by Barry Harmsen: http://www.qlikfix.com/2011/09/21/storing-variables-outside-of-qlikview/   However, I have run into an issue where I have a need for...
    Chase Bushey
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  • Hub Authentication with Users created from Excel File

    We have Active Directory in place but need to create some generic Training users to access a training stream and those users cannot be added to the Active Directory.  I have successfully created the UDC connectio...
    Jerry Magrann
    created by Jerry Magrann
  • Qual a plataforma predominante que você utiliza, Qlik Sense ou QlikView?

    O intuito da pesquisa é saber como está o balanço entre as duas plataformas, no que diz respeito a utilização predominante entre os membros da comunidade Qlik Brasil.
  • Date comparison in Set Analysis

    I have two date columns and am trying to count number of occurrence for first date > second date + 3 days. When I use following in a KPI, the approach 1 works, but second approach that uses set analysis always bri...
    Jaydeep Paeikh
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  • Introducing Igniter - Qlik mashup boilerplate

    Qlik mashup boilerplate with ReactJS, Leonardo UI, Enigma.js and Picasso.js Features Create a mashup faster than fire: just clone/download the repo, do a npm install, add your Qlik connection in the index.js file and ...
  • Updating in bulk variables used in many qvws

    Hello I have the same variables that I used across many apps that update the period. I have to go into each app every month and update them with the new period. Is there a way to do this in bulk? I believe there is...
    Paul ripley
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