• Empty QVD files are growing in size if generated in the loop

    I am running a data extraction from large database and I have to load the data one day at a time. I am saving these daily files into QVD and concatenating them afterwards.   Some of the extractions are returnin...
    Vladimir Komarov
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  • Where is the option: "Auto-zoom on selection" in my Map?

    Hello everyone,   I am looking for the option: "Auto-zoom on selection" in my map object. I know it was there before, but I can't find/see it any more.   It's also mentioned here: https://help.qlik.com/en...
    Casper van Pomeren
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  • StructuredParameter´s Aggr function bug?

    Hi,   recently, I copy an expression from a post and I think there´s a bug.   The expression is:   =Aggr(     If(Rangesum(Above(Sum({1} Sales)/Sum({1} total Sales),1,RowNo()))&l...
    Fabiana Iglesias
    created by Fabiana Iglesias
  • Date Grouping

    Hi Everyone,   I have a column named Voyage Start and Voyage End in Date time format. See my below-attached screen, For voyage code, i wanted to group the date. The highlighted start date should be my start d...
    Dhana vindhan
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  • if then else in subfeild function

    Hi Team,   Currently we are using the below code to achieve : SUITMQLAP <-- text in frontend It should only pick till SUITMQLAP replace(left(if(index(PCNumber,'_')>0,trim(subfield(PCNumber,'_',1)), &nbs...
    Manisha Nan
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  • The Object Could not be read

    Hi Qlik Experts,   Whenever I am going to save changes done by me in Qliksense app,I am Getting following error., Kindly help me to resolve the same Issue.   Thanks, Ranjit.
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  • Hide Dimension on select

    Hi All,   I have a straight table and I am trying to show all the expressions by default and hide the expressions when selected.   I have created the inline load using the field names. I have one dimension...
    Varun Reddy
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  • Shift Calculation

    Hi All,   I have a time field in my table and with that i need to create a shift dimension with 2 values: Day or Night. If the time field falls between 6:30AM to 6:30PM then its a day shift if between 6:30PM to...
    Monu Saraswati
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  • aggr() condition in set analysis

    Hi   I am using aggr() function to calculate a condition a define a dimension:   if(aggr (avg (COMPLETE), CDC_COMPL)=1,'ok','not ok')   Now I need to sum(SALES) only for the CDC where the condition a...
    marco mosconi
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  • Pivot table total header names

    Hi All,   I have an issue with pivot table total headers.   Currently i have a povit table with 2 dimension and 3 expression,   I have a requirement where i should drag second dimension into vertical...
    hari krishna
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  • How dynamically change picture in textbox backround

    Hi i have a dashbord for analyse purchasing articles. I have there some textboxis with article parameters, price, description etc. These textboxes are visible, if selected is only one article (partnum). I would like...
    Riho Michalski
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  • What is the expression to be used in making some reasons for " Late visit".

    As stated above can some one help me to add the reason for not visit. This should be combined with Month, Person assigned for visit,type of visit etc.Every month if there is a late visit by some one, the reason for th...
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  • Different values presented after data being loaded!

    HI,   Appreciate if reference is made to the Excel data & the data after being loaded. the total shown in excel vs P/T looks different. Can you please look in to this & inform where I have gone wrong. Is...
    last modified by NEVILLE DHAMSIRI
  • Paretto in Qlik sense

    Hi,   I need to make a Pareto graph with its respective table. The data are the following: - Department - Date - Account code - Account - Money - Accounting account I need to be able to filter the data acc...
    Fabiana Iglesias
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  • Affichage conditionnel des graphes

    Bonjour, j'ai 4 jauges et je veux afficher les deux premiers en cliquant sur le 1 boutons et les deux deuxièmes en cliquant sur le deuxième boutons . J'ai crée une variable pour le premier bouton et...
    Chadlia Gabsi
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  • ERROR: QVX PIPE ERROR :Not a legal OleAut date.

    Hi All,   I m trying to fetch records using below query:   SQL SELECT ZFBDT FROM BSAK WHERE ZFBDT EQ "00171231”; but I m facing issue while executing this query  with error message as "Not a...
    asmita gaikwad
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  • Date Set Analysis

    Bom dia Pessoal,   Estou iniciando no set analysis como faço pra incluir essa expressão no indicador pegando os dados conforme as seleções ?   If dt_ent_saldo<max(dt_entrada) and...
    Cristiane Miamoto
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  • Issue with Section Access

    Hi,   I have 2 tables in my model without any connection between them.   For Example:     I try to implement Section Access permission on fields CountryP & Country but it doesn't work (o...
    ruti t
    created by ruti t
  • Provide access to many users at a time

    Hi All,   How to provide dashboard/application access to many  users at a time, for instance i want to give access to 1000 user at a time (not manually one by one there is any other process?) for sales appl...
    Nihhal L
    created by Nihhal L
  • QEMC displays "No tasks to display" but tasks run as designed

    Hi all,   I have a UI issue with QVMC 12.1 the Tasks tab and the documents tab of the QEMC displays "No tasks to display" License details in QEMC is not available server configuration under management service...
    Eran Dayan
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