Hello everyone, I have one question that i want to do implement one algorithm in Qlikview,   so please tell me how to do Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) Implementation in Qlikview     ...
    Puraskrit Singh
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  • Inputfield as Num() in Script Load

    Hi,   I have an inputfield in the load script that needs to be declared as numeric using the Num() function. This is according to the Document Analyser.QVW.   My script looks like this:   Inputfied m...
    bryan dandan
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  • Macro to copy table to Powerpoint

    I am using the below macro to copy a table to Powerpoint . But this is copying as an image . When I used CopyBitmapToClipboard true it is throwing an error. My table is a pivot table in QVW. How can this be done? &nbs...
    Anitha Lux
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  • Chart function - filtering out data.

    Hi,   I have a chart that has 2 dimensions and a measure.   Dim1, Dim2, Measure A        11      1 B       ...
    Madhu Babu
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  • Qlikview - Join 2 tables with more keys

    Hello,   I have this table:    Key Time Place 1 01.01.2018 02:00 2464 1 01.01.2018 05:06 4657 1 02.01.2018 01:45 3578 1 02.01.2018 16:12 8767 1 02.01.2018 19:00 1245   and i need to join this t...
    Alexander Müller
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  • Trouble with the connecting to the service: QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA

    Hi,   I have trouble with connecting to a external server.   I keep getting the:   11 fields found: .... Error: QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: HTTP protocol error 403 (Forbidden):   on server sid...
    Marko Zadravec
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  • Mapping Load from multiple fields

    My Order data has a list of ordered procedures in a semicolon-delimited field, ex: OrderId, ContractID, Procedures 1000001, Ctrct1, 'Proc1;Proc3;Proc4' 1000002, Ctrct2, 'Proc2;Proc4'   My Pricing data has, ...
    Patrick Brandt
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  • How to sum also a different dimension value then listed Chart dimension values

    Hi everyone,   I have been searching and trying suggestions from other discussions but I still have not the result I am looking for.   I have a Pivot Chart with 2 dimensions, Category (Category) and Month ...
    Martin van der Bent
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  • How to check if a qlikview document has hidden script

    How to check if a qlikview document has hidden script
    justin woodhead
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  • Idea

    Hi,   there is something that always has me a little worked up when working in QlikView, that's when you have some app with an error in the script you haven't spotted, the app runs for 5min or more and then it p...
    Friedrich Hofmann
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  • QlikSense Script New Function

    Hi,   I'm trying to create a script that does the following:   I have 10 QVD's in one folder.   I want a script that read's them all and do a table with the name of the file.qvd in one column and the...
    Juan Manuel Oreguy
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  • Data aggregation

    Hi guys,   I have a list of records related to employees where I have the admission date (DD-MM-YYYY). I need to create a report where I can summarise the number of employees that I have in the company with more...
    Horacio Gonçalves
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  • Save Time in Development Creating a QVD for Non Changing Data

    Hello: I'm creating a dashboard that pulls info from several sources (SQL, Excel etc) and one of the files changes only once a year and is the standard price table with 250,000 records. I'm in development stage (stil...
    Javier Silva
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  • Interval Match "Loop" error

    Hi all,   I am trying to associate our sales data with pricing info based on contract. Each order has a payer which uniquely maps to a contract, but each contract can have multiple payment terms which change ov...
    Patrick Brandt
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  • separate two values in a field to rows for each value

    I have a field called Owner that stores user ids like e1r1, mhtr, uert etc. I am bringing this from a db2 field. Sometimes in each row there are multiple user ids separated by a comma. I have another table called ...
    Diwas Karki
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  • QlikSense Notification Connector

    Hi,   I'm making a script that send's a loaded table in the script of an app, but i can´t make que html code to send the mail with the QlikSense Notification Connector.   Is there any script that can...
    Juan Manuel Oreguy
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  • Line Char Help with Start and End Date

    Hi Folks,   I'm having below set of data:   Main_Order Start End Cost 71501 2015-02-11 2017-12-15 8809.81 71502 2015-02-26 2017-12-01 16304.07 71503 2017-12-04 2017-12-04 20167.84 71601 2016-02-10 2017-12-0...
    Amit Saini
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  • Capture changes from different qvd

    I have two historical Qvd AA 201819 and AA 201819.   I want  capturing active sold which if the  record has been change from  previous qvd in scripting.
    everest226 KC
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  • Syntax error in my code

    Can anybody point out what is wrong in my code?   if(Sounding Correction Status='Correction Done',      if(abs[Deviation after sounding]=abs[Difference Vs Log Survey],    &nb...
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  • Calculating average value of past 7 days

    Hi everyone,     I have a table of data that shows information for pieces of equipment, this information is updated daily for each piece of equipment:   Date Reading 1/1 5 1/2 3 1/3 5 1/4 1   ...
    Abdallah Shouli
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