• Transforming rows values to column!

    Hello!   I have a data snapshot like this :     For each "exp_line_id" i have unique value of "current exposure", and i have many "exp_line_id" and "short_name" only showing you the snapshot of dat...
    Sushant Jain
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  • Write this SQL sentence but in QLIK script

    Hi there! How can I write this sentence in SQL but in a way that works in qlik?   select a.id from table1 a where a.id in (1, 5, 9)   I try the code below, bit seems that "in" in the "where" part doesn'...
    christian thies
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  • Dynamically add a value to a string array (Script)

    Dear community,   I have the following simplified code that set a string array and then browse through all the values.   set vYears = '2008','2009','2010';   for each y in $(vYears)    &nb...
    Kevin Collorig
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  • Renaming a field in the same load script

    Hello Guys,   My script looks like this: SPT_AUDIT_EVENT: [Removed Roles], [Removed Entitlements] FROM [..\..\QVD\MyTable.qvd] (qvd);   ASAR_Table: Load Trim([ASAR Removal Type]) As [Removal Type], ...
    Diwas Karki
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  • Additional condition to count set expression

    Hello Qlik Community,   I want to have a chart (Pivot Table) which displays per Location (Dimension of the chart) the number of big suppliers. A supplier is big when the purchasing volume is higher than 10000....
    Martin Lindemann
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  • YTD files load and calculations??

    Hi Team,   We have a requirement where we will receive YTD files on monthly basis and we need to create a views on Qlik accordingly.   For example: File1: Date  ID  Amount Jan   ...
    Nicholas B
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  • How to take values from one column to another

    Hello dear all, I have a tough question, which trying to resolve third day: So, I have massive of data, but it`s necessary to make some changes It`s necessary to have: If there are values with "-" at the beginnin...
    Ivan Aksenov
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  • How to get a separate table after Joining Tables in Qlikview

    Hi all,   I'm trying to join Table1 (main data table) with Table2 ( reference look up table  ) in qlikview and I want the resulting table in Table3 but qlikview makes changes in the Table1 itself, which I d...
    Arun n
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  • Qlikview Data Architect Certification

    Dear experts,   I am trying for Qlikview Data Architect Certification. But the courses for the same are not opening for me as told in recommended pieces of training.   Could you please help me by sharing ...
    Anjali Ahlawat
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  • output results of Set Analysis expression as opposed aggregating results

    Hello,   I have the following expression which I wanted to put into a Text Box in QV =count({<ProductID = p({<_NewProduct_flag ={1}>} ) >}  ProductID)   However, I do not wish to aggregat...
    Happy Joshua
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  • Are reports like these possible?

    Hi,   I develop a series of KPI reports for the company I work for.. Of course it's always easier for me to create in Excel as I can make the reports very tailored, and simply put formulas into cells.   Bu...
    Chris McCafferty
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  • Regarding concatenation of two table

    I am attaching the screenshot of my problem. I am getting this problem while I concatenate two tables. Will you please suggest me a way How to concatenate two table.
    Radhamohan Sharma
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  • self-join to create measure

    Hi   I need to able to create measures based on the first 3 columns, i need to create 3  measures (AMOUNT_NEXTDATE2, AMOUNT_NEXTDATE3, AMOUNT_NEXTDATE4) the AMOUNT_NEXTDATE2/3/4's value should be based ...
  • How to do this Complex Table & Data Transformation with script!

    Hi All,   This is the Snapshot of the data I have:   Input:   As per "criteria_name"  each Internal Business Unit is linked to each Internal Legal Entity, so here we have 6 Business Unit and 2...
    Sushant Jain
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  • Subfield doing a distinct automatically

    Hello Guys,   I think when I use subfield on a string, it automatically does a distinct.   For example in my database i have a user Tim. So lets say Tim is the key and the value for tim is stored in a fiel...
    Diwas Karki
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  • Not all timestamp dates recognized in Qlik Sense

    I have an excel data set in which when I go to edit the data in the data manager, Qlik does recognize the column as a time stamp. But, unfortunately leaves some rows blank despite the fact that my data set does have d...
    yesenia del real
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  • MS SQL 2016 Always Encrypted Qlik ETL

    Hi,   Does anyone have experience in reading data into Qlik that utilises the Microsoft SQL 2016 Always Encrypted functionalities?
    Jarno Loubser
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  • Multiple Sum if

    if(sum(if(DHVNHFProtocolCareStepPerfMeasures.DocDayAfterDischarge <= 2 and DHVNHFProtocolCareStepPerfMeasures.ApptConf = 'Y',1,0))>=1,'Y', sum(if(DHVNHFProtocolCareStepPerfMeasures.DocDayAfterDischarge > 2 an...
    Julia Weber
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  • Repeat last value for each null value

    Hi Community,   I have the below data set where i only have Value column. What i would like to create is DesiredValue_Column. In other words, i would like to scan the contents of Value column and repeat the same...
    Vishal Jada
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  • Multiple Criteria in Sum expression

    Hello everybody, Please support with the bellow issue: in Visualization I need to see percentage of data  with the condition Aging> than 89 days, and I have the formula, which is not correct working, it`s sh...
    Ivan Aksenov
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