• Issue in Loading .TXT file with Delimited |

    Hi All,   I have an issue while loading .TXT file.   This is how my Data is coming up. Attached the Sample CSV File.   I am trying to load like this.   LOAD     MANDT#,  ...
    Ravi Kishore
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  • Open workorder statistics

    Hi – hoping for help on this one!   I have a QV file with workorders: ID CreatedDate ClosedDate   for which I want to calculate how many orders are active on a given date. The definition of an activ...
    Claus Barlose
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  • Qlikview 12 doesn't get latitude and longitude coordinates from Google Api

    Hi,   Recently, I have upgraded the Qlikview from version 11.20 SR12 to 12.20 SR3.  Some applications get the coordinates from Google Api.   For some reason the qlikview hangs during the app reload. D...
    Jefferson Martins
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  • The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object

    I am trying to run a stored procedure from Qlik Sense 3.2 pulling from a SQL Server 2012 database and getting the following error:   Connector reply error: ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, ...
    William Christensen
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  • Preceding Load Performance

    Hello, i have read   Preceding Load and https://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/preceding-load-qlikview/ but i still have some dubts about preceding load. Is this:   Load  ..., ReferenceDate,  &nbs...
    Eric Vilarrasa
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  • Qlikview Data Architect Certification

    Dear experts,   I am trying for Qlikview Data Architect Certification. But the courses for the same are not opening for me as told in recommended pieces of training.   Could you please help me by sharing ...
    Anjali Ahlawat
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  • FTP/sFTP web connector:Move File from 1 sFTP folder to another folder at same sFTP

    Hi guys, I have to Move .csv File from  sFTP folder to another folder of same sFTP  in Qlik sense application .   Please help me how i will move files ?   Can you please let us know if any furthe...
    sushmita Chaturvedi
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  • ApplyMap error: map_id not found

    Hi guys,   Yesterday we upgraded our version of Qlikview 12 to a newer version. This morning when i've gone to reload my script the ApplyMaps aren't working anymore. It comes up with   ApplyMap error: m...
    Paul Wonford
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  • Load from hidden shares does not work anymore

    I have just installed the latest version (QV 12.20) A lot of my documents now fails to reload. The problem is the $ in the filename (hidden share).   This used to work: LOAD @1 FROM [\\myserver\nfs$\edi\abc...
    Hans Rokers
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  • Smart load. How to keep & remove some records?

    Hi all!   I have some problem, but have not experience to resolve it    There are 3 tables. 1st and 2nd is ok, but 3rd need transformations. Here is simplefied scheme: 'Shipment' has only records ...
    Serge Yu
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  • Qlik Branch ID and PW it is same like Qlik View forum ?

    Hi All I forget my PW at Qlik Branch. I try to get the new password by click on forget password. when i get email reply on reset password , i click on the link. when i enter the ID , it keep said that
    Yeo Poh sai
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    Hi there,   I have a problem when using a rank function in a straight table. The thing is that I want to rank the first top 13, taking into consideration two dimension values (TRACKING,TAG).   My problem c...
    Wale Martins
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  • What is the difference between "alias" and "as" in QlikView?

    Hello,   Can anyone explain to me   What is the difference between "alias" and "as" in QlikView with example.   Thnanks for advance.
    Oussema Laaribi
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  • QlikView Rest connection to NP17 - POST error

    I would like to connect to NP17 using Rest connector and execute tasks from QlikView script. I am able to do GET connection as expected but POST connection gives me error:   Specified value has invalid HTTP Hea...
  • Need basic documents on the below

    Hi All,   Please help me by sharing some documents(pdf's or any downloadable material) on any of the below topics:   Single sign-on concepts in QlikView NTFS & DMS authorization differences Banding i...
    Anjali Ahlawat
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  • Trouble getting an average result in a text object

    Hi, I'm having a hard time trying to get in a text object the same average value I get in a simple table objet.   The MTTE average result I get in the simple table object is 00:00:57 and I am not able to get it ...
    Gonçalo Bernardino
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  • Governance Dashboard 2.0.1 and QV 12

    any known issue of using GD 2.0.1 and QV server 12 November 2017 SR2? until the upgrade of the QV server from 11.2 SR13 to 12 November 2017 SR2 everything worked. after the upgrade the GD reloads (takes 5 sec instea...
    shay raber
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  • help scripting - value not appearing

    Problem trying to get a conversion rate for each transaction.   Background, Conversion rate are set up on monthly basics, so if a transaction falls within that month I would like to get the conversion rate.  ...
    Mina Patel
    created by Mina Patel
  • Macro to copy a table into excel keeping multiple spaces

    Hi, I have a table in qlikview and a macro to copy the table into excel. The macro works, but I would like it to keep all the spaces, (sometimes we have 3 or 4 consecutive spaces).     XLDoc.Sheets(1).Past...
    Rachele Magliocca
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  • Problem with decimal values from SQL

    Hello, we have a current Problem with decimal values in QlikView 12.1 SR8, which we get from MS SQL Server.   The data source is a View in MS SQL Server. Format is decimal(18,2). SQL Output - 10122.84 QlikVie...
    Dimitri Obrant
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