Hello, After renaming a qvw file it appaers again within the users documents as (AQF_SCORECARD.QVW). u can see the qvw file under USER DOCUMENTS, even the actual file ids in the User folder as (aqf_scorcard.qvw). ...
    Somaya Abidi
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  • error 300: ... ScanFile: ... error during open of <filename>

    In the event log of the QV server, we get many error 300 of the following form:   300    Error    QVGeneral: Server - ScanFile: An error (Die Syntax für den Dateinamen, Verzeic...
    Helmut Melcher
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  • QlikView Server Failed (TimedOut)

    Hi,   I have an issue with my QlikView server. Users runs a dashborad on QMS - 1541d, after an hour the process fails with the following error.   2018-01-09 03:47:28) Error: QVClient.Execute failed: Syste...
    Michael Telada
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  • Failed to start the task due to the following error:NoEDXTriggerFound

    Hello! I looked through all the discussions on this topic, but could't find the answer. My triggers: Task_33d371df-ae20-45a6-8830-83951d1d74f4.xml: But EDX trigger don't work:   Help, please!
    Eugene Coton
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  • QVW appears twice in AccessPoint

    Hello, We are running a QlikView Server, Version 11.20 SR17.   I've seen this question asked a number of times in the forum but the answers have not helped in my case.   See screenshot of AccessPoint b...
    John Anderson
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  • QVS Distribution failed to distribute to QVS

    My document is successfully reloaded, but occasionally will fail to distribute. When I run the task again in the QMC a second time after it fails, it will reload and distribute with no issues. I do have another docume...
    Scott Brown
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  • QV Publisher (QMC) - Auto-Triggered Issues

    After server migration (switched from one server to another), Jobs/Tasks are not auto triggered on its own schedule time. It triggered sometime and sometime it's not. It takes several click to run when perform manual ...
    created by BKN DNG
  • Distribute to folder removes some rights ?

    Hello,   I'm in charge of a big migration from Qlikview Server built-in distribution to a Publisher server.   We have around 150 tasks scheduled in Qlikview Server and as I have understood, we need to migr...
    Frédéric Villemin
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  • How to move all the document log files into Separate folder in Qlikview

    Hi,   Currently document log is not enabled in our server. could any of you please suggest me how to enable document log file generation at the server level and to store all the log files inside separate folder,...
    poppy pearce
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  • Migration to Publisher : documents are bigger than before

    Hello,   I was in Server 11.2 and I have just migrated to Publisher 12.1   The refreshes are ok and almost the same time but the resulting .qvw are really bigger than before (from 140MB to 360MB)   I...
  • Issue configuring Qlik View Mail Server with IBM Verse account

    I'm trying to configure my Qlik View Server in the QMC with the IBM Verse mail account provided by my company but I am not sure if this is possible, because my company system admin says that Verse didn't have a host n...
    Claudio Gomez
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  • QMSEDX - Failed to create a client to the specified Uri

    Hi,   I am having issues with QMSEDX.exe to execute tasks on my management console for certain users in our domain.   The QMSEDX.exe is located on a network location and a user executes these via a VB macro ...
    abhinav a
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  • QMC is not getting Opened

    Hi All,   When checked the Services in Server, all the services are Up and running fine. The Tasks in QMC are running in Background, like the Log files are getting updated. But we are not able to open QMC. Throw...
    Karthik Parasa
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  • How can users save their own Visualisation on a published Report

    In many businesses there are "Fixed" and "User Analizable" reports. The last ones are mainly reports that are published in a standard form with a general visualisation (eg graphics etc) by QVS. They can be accessed ...
    Erwin Warrinnier
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  • QDS Task grouped by Publisher Cluster still on Queued

    Hi Dear Qlik Community   I have an installation with a cluster with the following specs: Server 1: QVS, QMC and QDS (Node1) Server 2: QDS (Node2) Server 3: QVWS   I want run some task only on Node1, and...
    Marcos Herrera
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  • Reduce by Field Value. No fields shown on open document

    Hi All,   Does anyone know if there's a max number of fields that can be displayed in Source Documents -> Task -> Reduce -> Reduce by Field Value? I select open document and can see it being loaded int...
    Simon Minifie
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  • Edit bookmarks in access point

    Hi,   Is there any chance where we can edit bookmark in access point? instead of delete and create new one? Because i shared bookmark to user and now i want to edit it so he can also see new selections.   ...
    Sridhar Sigireddy
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  • Concurrent license in QlikView

    Hi,   I am new to Qlik server and our company is using enterprise server with 100 named users. However no of users are more than this like assume 110. But not all people use the dashboards same time.   So ...
    Sridhar Sigireddy
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  • Extranet Server - Pros / Cons / Best practices?

    Dear all,   I've  searched the forum for a while but couldn't really find much information about the extranet server. Does anybody have some experiences with this kind of QV server? At best, I would be inte...
    Stefan Wühl
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  • Cannot delete file from the QMC. Wrong path in the .pgo file

    Hi,   We had deleted some files from the QV server but I can still see them on the QMC but cannot delete/access them.   Trying to apply some change to the document in User Document pane, I'm getting the er...
    Siddhesh Rane
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