• Does QVDS override NTFS inheritance?

    Can someone help clarify what I am observing? I'm running QV 12.10 SR6 (12.10.20400.0) and it appears that when QVDS writes a QVW to AccessPoint it explicitly sets the NTFS permissions to be exactly what was set in th...
    Trevor Roth
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  • QV 11 – QVDS – Does a task *require* both reload and distribution (2 QV engines)?

    Environment:   QV11 SR2   Question:    In QV11 the Publisher FAQ states that task reload and distribution are handled in two different steps, each requiring its own QV engine. I have many (hundred...
    Trevor Roth
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  • High CPU load, publisher

    Hi!   Have a question about high cpu load and its behaviour which I don't understand clearly. Don't know how deep I should get, let's start pretty general and see where it takes us. I'm only hosting the server a...
    Anders Nilsson
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  • Copying the QMC task in a bulk

    Hello All,   There are 100 plus tasks created for some of qvws, and we are changing the source documents from one NAS drive to another, Is there any way to copy the task in a bulk, instead of creating all those1...
    Hemamalini P
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  • Publisher Email distribution limitations

    hi all,   I'm using a QV server and publisher (version 11 SR2). up untill now i used the distribution functionality to publish documents to folders (and with/without Email notifycation). now, I'm trying to dis...
    shay raber
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  • Need Help With VBA Script to Export Multiple Object on Single .jpg Page

    I have multiple Objects(Line Chart, Text Object etc) on Sheet "SH39" and I want to export specific objects on single page in .jpg format using vba script. I am able to export either single object or screen shot of wh...
    Rohit Bontalwar
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  • unable to access the application through browser

    Hi All,   Please find my attachment of a snapshot. The issue is that when I am accessing my application from other network only a blank page is showing. Please suggest what should I do to resolve the issue. &...
    sujoy bardhan
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  • Logging split files set to weekly but output is daily

    Hello,   I recently upgraded our QlikView Server to 12.10.20500.0 and the split files are set to weekly but the output is daily. Old logs we weekly, but now they are daily so my Governance Dashboard (v2.04) sto...
    Everett Harvey
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  • Problem "Dynamic distribution returned no recipients using "SAMAccountName""

    Hi!   I have a task defined in Servr/Publisher in order to dinamic reduce content and distribute user files, in the later case, depending on the value of a given field called "LOGIN". The task worked fine, but o...
    Cecilia Caporaso
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  • QMC Distribution Failure

    Hi All, The QVW runs fine on the desktop but fails when run through QMC and getting this error. Any ideas?? There is no section access or loop reduce on the document. The document has execute statement which runs fine...
    Aar Kay
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  • Loading from other qv server without saving to current one

    Hi guys,   We are running into some data privacy-related issues with QlikView. The situation is as follows:   We have two similar datasets (identical in structure), one on a server in the US and on a serve...
    Koen van Stek
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  • Qv Publisher Reducing Files

    Hi all, We are observing a weird scenario, with qlikview publisher.   We are reloading files at D:\Reload\ The file size after reload is approx 195 mb   From Publisher we are publishing files to D:\Publi...
    Swapneel Golapkar
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  • problem with QMSEDX and Qlik v12.10

    Hi, we are using Qlikview v12.10 sr8 on Windows 2012 and when executing QMSEDX to reload .qvw in publisher from our external scheduler, some times (not every time) it fails after executing for a while with the follow...
    Olivier ROBIN
    created by Olivier ROBIN
  • Fail to start Distribution Service in QlikView Server

    Hi experts,   I've been recently facing a problem on starting the Distribution Service in my server. And, the error message shown is ambiguous - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Please h...
    Sing Joe Lam
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  • Filling up of C drive in publisher is preventing the task reloads in QMC

    Hello Everyone,   C drive of the publisher is varying between 0 to few KBs which is preventing the task reloads in QMC. All the tasks are failing due to this. Are there any folders or files related to QlikView i...
    Apoorva Dhulehole
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  • Warning: Note! This file has previously been created by this task and will be overwritten

    Hi there,   I am getting a warning when QV Publisher is distribution an application (with loop and reduce). The message is:   "Warning: Note! This file has previously been created by this task and will be ...
    Fredrik Quirin
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  • Error QDSMain.Exceptions.DscOffLineException: Failed to AddNamedUsers

    Hello, I'm facing the below error trying to distribute the QVW document to some ODBC DSC user:   ****************** The task "1_468" failed. Part of the log file follows:   17/01/2014 03:11:46  ...
    Andrea Gigliotti
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  • Executing a .bat for a EDX Reload in a different computer than Server

    Hello, I am facing a situation with a Reload Task with QlikView Publisher. I want a Reload to be done by External Event through EDX. I created a .bat file where i have the following code to execute the task: "\\Qli...
    Federico Perez
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  • QlikView Reload | Trigger using QMS API

    Hi,   We are using QMS API to create on external event trigger. We are able to create and run the task successfully. But even though a task is created, and ran successfully, the timer icon on document is not v...
    Pavan Rampalli
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  • Timeout for loading Document into RAM during reload

    Hi everyone,   We are sometimes noticing an error for "Document Failed to open. Requires username & password" while the document was getting loaded into RAM. These reports do not have any section access henc...
    Sanchayan Bhowmik
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