• QMSEDX - Status of the task

    Dear All, I'm  looking to find the best way to retrieve the result of a task launched by EDX ? I searched in the Qlik Community... I have found, than QMSEDX , can only trigger a task. but not retrieve the stat...
    Benoit GIRARD
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  • Steps for Configuring /Adding Cluster Server in QMC

    Hi All,   Could you please detailed Steps for Adding/Configuring QlikView Server in QMC.   Thanks,
    Karthik Parasa
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  • Pass the selection on URL to variable in Qliview

    I have an app from which I am trying to open Qlik and pass Id to qlik. Want to save this ID in the qlik dashboard. Is there a way to do it
    Neeraj Jhaveri
    created by Neeraj Jhaveri
  • Task in QMC returns Warning sign frequently

    Hi All,   I have been facing a weird issue on QMC for last couple days. Tasks for my dashboard frequently returns warning message saying 'no recipient found ' during distribution. The report gets reloaded succes...
    Mahesh Agrawal
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  • Email Distribution - Log

    Anyone know whether there is a log file for the PDF email distribution? I'm trying to check whether the task is sending the emails to all the recipients listed in one of the fields via dynamic distribution.
    Khim Hoe Tan
    created by Khim Hoe Tan
  • QVS Distribution failed to distribute to QVS

    My document is successfully reloaded, but occasionally will fail to distribute. When I run the task again in the QMC a second time after it fails, it will reload and distribute with no issues. I do have another docume...
    Scott Brown
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  • Unbalanced Publisher Clustering

    Hi,   Is it possible to add a second Publisher Machine with different specs compared to your first one? I know QV 12.1 supports unbalanced QVS clustering. But how is it for the Publisher?   Thanks in advan...
    Paul Johansson
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  • Macro que salva o .qvw pela web

    Bom dia pessoal, Possuo uma macro que executa uma lista de parâmetros, mas o documento precisa estar salvo com os parâmetros pré definidos, eu até criei um macro que salva o arquivo até da ...
    danilo stochi
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  • Moving task from QV Server (Without Publisher) to Publisher and  in the opposite direction

    Hi dear Qlik Community I am writing to tell you about a case that we have with a customer that currently has QlikView and that wants to test Publisher, due to some internal situation he can not have an additional ...
    Marcos Herrera
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  • Lost Connection to Server.  Reconnecting

    Hi,   I am getting this message "Lost connection to server.  Reconnecting" when tried to view QVW file in browser.    If anyone faces this issue earlier, please let me know the fix if it is fixed.
    jagan mohan rao appala
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  • QIX performance difference QV 11.20 vs QV 12

    Hello, I have a question about QlikView known issue. the release note of 2015 Novembre (QlikView 12) say :   Known issues Due to the changes in the QIX engine there are performance differences between Qlik...
    Christophe Desmats
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  • Error reloading with no reason

    hi, we have few documents and reload tasks. we have recently upgraded our server form QV 11.2 SR13 to QV 12 November 2017 SR2 all worked but all of a sudden, last night, some tasks (only some, not all) has started ...
    shay raber
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  • User can not see any documents on Access Point

    We changed some settings in QMC then only administrators can see the documents on Access Point. Users can not see any documents on Access point. How should I do to get all the dashboards back for users?
    Ron Cao
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  • Failed to start the task due to the following error:NoEDXTriggerFound

    Hello! I looked through all the discussions on this topic, but could't find the answer. My triggers: Task_33d371df-ae20-45a6-8830-83951d1d74f4.xml: But EDX trigger don't work:   Help, please!
    Eugene Coton
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  • QlikView 12 error "Error on ReadBlob for object of type MetaServiceData"

    I've been reading older posts about the error "Error on ReadBlob for object of type MetaServiceData" and that it is related to either corrupted .meta, .shared or the .pgo file.  Are those posts and their info sti...
    Kris Markee
    created by Kris Markee
  • Loading the Teradata ICU Library Failed. Error is: 126

    Hi,   I am getting this error in QMC while refresh.   Loading the Teradata ICU Library Failed. Error is: 126   What might be the issue here? Can someone please help me?
    Uday Kumar
    created by Uday Kumar
  • Directory Service Connector is offline - Qlikview

    H,   I am facing an unusual error when trying to distribute Qvws, through publisher, to the access point folder.   I face the following error : Error The task "Reload and Distribute LM\Sharepoint\Applica...
    umar khan
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  • QEMC displays "No tasks to display" but tasks run as designed

    Hi all,   I have a UI issue with QVMC 12.1 the Tasks tab and the documents tab of the QEMC displays "No tasks to display" License details in QEMC is not available server configuration under management service...
    Eran Dayan
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  • Reload on specified Publisher node

    Is it possible to force a document to reload on a specific publisher node? We have a 2 node Publisher cluster with a third and possibly a fourth on the way. We would like to be able to force documents to always be rel...
    Jeremy Fourman
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  • QDS Task grouped by Publisher Cluster still on Queued

    Hi Dear Qlik Community   I have an installation with a cluster with the following specs: Server 1: QVS, QMC and QDS (Node1) Server 2: QDS (Node2) Server 3: QVWS   I want run some task only on Node1, and...
    Marcos Herrera
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