• Delete failed task in QMC automatically.

    Hi All,   Is there any way we can automate the deletion of any failed task in QMC.   Problem statement: Qlikview reload gets triggered as per ETL completion. In case the reload fails, on next successful ...
    akash pandey
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  • Section access with publisher

    Hi All,   We are facing the same issue.. The same section access code is working on the environment  without publisher and on the other server with publisher same code is not working.   Server with Publ...
    Puneet Agarwal
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  • Error while upgrading to QlikView Server 12.10 SR8

    Hi,   I am getting the attached error while trying to upgrade from QV Server from 11.20 to 12.10.   Please let me know how to resolve this and upgrade the QV Server to version 12.10.   Thanks in adva...
    Bhaskar Sharma
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  • Loading the Teradata ICU Library Failed. Error is: 126

    Hi,   I am getting this error in QMC while refresh.   Loading the Teradata ICU Library Failed. Error is: 126   What might be the issue here? Can someone please help me?
    Uday Kumar
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  • Qlikview 12.10 Server + Publisher Setup

    Hi!   I'm currently on a Qlikview 12.10 single-machine server setup and have recently purchased Qlikview Publisher. We're planning to hold the Publisher on a separate VM instance. Are there any step-by-step li...
    Marvin Tejada
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  • Exporting to Excel - Total Rows Showing as Dashes

    Hi all.   I'm looking for some help. Some of our users are experiencing an issue where by when they export a pivot table, the total rows for collapsible columns show as dashes instead of the format that is appli...
    Sean Potter
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  • NAS storage and Qlikview load balancer

    Hi   Could you please check and let us know following 1. What is the recommended Load balancer for Qlikview in clustered environment . do we need to install external Load balancer ? 2. Attached Qlikview docu...
    Steven Ahomed
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  • QV Publisher (QMC) - Auto-Triggered issue.

    After server migration (switched from one server to another), Jobs/Tasks are not auto triggered on its own schedule time. It triggered sometime and sometime it's not. It takes several click to run when perform manual ...
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  • QlikView Distribution Service not Auto Restart

    What might be the reason, QlikView Distribution Service never started when server(pc) is restarted. Each time we have to start manually. Also, scheduled Jobs run sometime and sometimes not.   Thanks in Advance,
    created by BKN DNG
  • About Names user CAL

    Hi Team,   I have tried to search information which i need but did not understand fully. Can you please help on below situation: My organization have only 100 Names CALS and we have provided access to group of...
    Raju Salmon
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  • Timeout for loading Document into RAM during reload

    Hi everyone,   We are sometimes noticing an error for "Document Failed to open. Requires username & password" while the document was getting loaded into RAM. These reports do not have any section access henc...
    Sanchayan Bhowmik
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  • Failed to Contact Service

    All,   All Windows services are running fine. But getting error in QMC saying Failed to Contact service. Screen shot is attached.   Regards, Karthi
    Karthikeyan Subramaniam
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  • Email Alerts through Qlikview application

    Hi All,   We are planning to upgrade to 12 and installed it in the test environment and applied test license. while trying to send email notifications from the qlikview application (tools->alerts) through QEM...
    Lavanya Pasupuleti
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  • Reload failed ---> QDSMain.Exceptions.FailedDocumentCheckoutException: Failed to check out document with path:

    Client Build Number: 11.0.11149.0 Target Platform: x64   Random document failures are happening on a daily basis.  Not the same document.  Other documents running at the same time from the same file s...
    Sue Kirkendall
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  • Publisher - Loop Field in Document - Error Distribute - Access Problem

    Good Morning at all,   i have the following configuration for access to the Application in our AccessPoint. (We use QV 11.20.12664.0)   We have a qvd where all the people are inside for the Application we ...
    Daniela Port
    created by Daniela Port
  • Steps for Configuring /Adding Cluster Server in QMC

    Hi All,   Could you please detailed Steps for Adding/Configuring QlikView Server in QMC.   Thanks,
    Karthik Parasa
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  • QV Distribution cluster setup

    we have 3 machines in Prod server and the below components are installed on that     Machine1 ---------- QV Directory server QV Server(SAN patch)     Machine2 ---------- QV Distribution serv...
    anutosh_dhar anutosh_dhar
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  • How can i run a macro after QMC reload automatically?

    @Hello,   I have written a macro to generate outlook mails which contain different forms of reports. The mail is sent to all the managers containing data only relevant to employees under them. I have achieved ...
    Apurva Singh
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  • Standalone Publisher server for Distribution only

    I am in the process of setting up a Publisher server as a standalone server where Qlik Admin should be able to publish the user documents with the required reload criteria.   1st Question I have commissioned a ...
    Tarun Agarwal
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  • Mounted Folder on FTP (Shared Drive) with Two QlikView Servers

    Hi All, I wanted to know, Can I map one mounted folder from Shared drive with two QlikView servers? For example "Source_Document" is my mounted folder in FTP (Shared Drive) then   I want to map with QlikView...
    Nayankumar Patel
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