• QlikView Desktop -> upload somewhere -> Qlik Sense Cloud

    Hi,   I have app on my desktop I am running every week.Is it possible to export qvd from my desktop somewhere (any ideas where?) and then Qlik Sense Cloud could load that qvd and be refreshed?   Thank you
    Mama Tata
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  • what is  concatenate ?

    Hi qlik team,          i am new in qlik view so you can explain the concatenate concept              Thanking you team,
    sivakumar k
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  • RE:Chart use

    Hi all,   When we load data in into qlik from excel or through any database then what type of charts we can use. For example barchart,piechart etc     Thanks
    vijay kumar
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  • Initial process of developing a qlikview report

    Hi, what is the initial  process of the Qlikview project.i.e what are the steps starting from requirement gathering to deploying. I am expecting a clear explanation.   2.how do you validate Qlikview reports?
    Sai Ram
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  • setup is not installing

    hello ,   i have been trying to install qlikView on my personl laptop after the files get extracted its installation is getting complete after extraction some windows installer message came . and its ends. kindl...
    Mohit Sharma
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  • Head Count Analysis Calculation in Straight Table - Expression help?

    Hi guys,   I have the below table I need to do in Qlikview through expressions.   The data I already have are colored in Yellow. The calculation I need to do is in blue and is dependent on green. How do I ...
    Haneesh Marella
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  • Qlikview refresh - run everyday except sundays?

    Hi there experts,   My refresh runs everyday at 12 am. But it conflicts with server maintenance every Sunday. So is there a way to schedule refresh everyday except Sundays? Or shift the refresh timing on Sundays...
    Benazir Khan
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  • New user to Qlikview

    Hi, I am fairly new to Qlikview and hope somebody can help me.  Below is a example of my spreadsheet of vehicle registration and the mileage it has done for the month.  The vehicle  is put against a cos...
    Fiona Smith
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  • Help Using Rank Function

    Hi,   Can someone help me using Rank function, i have this example but the output is not what i expected :   =aggr(if(rank( Sum({< DataType = {'Outsort'} , YearMonth = {$(=Max(YearMonth))} , ItemT...
    Eduardo Mendes
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  • How to do mapping load of two common datafield  between 2 different table

    I need to map FUELTYPE of general information with FUELTYPE of Summary table because they both contain the same field.How can I do it
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  • Top 3 values from the table?

    I have table like   E.id, Basesalary 1, 1000 1, 2000 1, 3000 1, 5000 2, 2000 2, 3000 2, 4000 3,3000 3, 4000 4, 5000 4, 6000   Create a base salary table chart and highlight the top three with d...
    xxxxx yyyyy
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  • Edit Some data according to some criterio from the script

    Hello all,   I am trying to edit some numbers in very large tables and it is doable in chart expressions but it makes it very very slow for the user.   So I looked it up and thought of editing data in the ...
    Sha Sha
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  • convert date range to a single year, month, week filters

    Hi All,   I need some help on how to get the active employees over the selected year or month or a week as following dash board depicts. My data set is as follows ex :   What my requirements are,  ...
    lahiru madushan
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  • Count if question

    Hi,   I've got 2 separate questions here:   1) How do I adjust the expression below to give me a count of items that =1?   =count({$<Entity={'RNA'},[Reporting Date]={">=$(=Addmonths(max({1}[Rep...
    Jacob Sassoon
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  • Lock / Unlock fields not working in Webview

    I have a report that I created a "subtab" within a tab.  It has a condition to switch to another sheet when you click on a link.  On the second "tab", I have sheet properties to lock certain fields and then ...
    Cliff Clayman
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  • Select multiple values from listbox and then use match functions

    Can I select multiple values from listbox and then use match function in expression? For example, I select 'Code' from the listbox with multiple values 'A' and 'B', and then in a chart expression, I want to use  ...
    Ying Zhang
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  • Joining tables

    Here is a simplified example of what I am doing. Suppose you have these tables below. My goal is to join the two tables so that  Table 1 now has sales rep info. My issue is that table 2 (the ones with the sales r...
    Igor Gershenson
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  • Changing the color of the whole column in a pivot table based on selection

    Hello community,   I have a pivot table with two dimensions: product (rows), and time (columns). I've used set analysis to keep all the columns regardless of the selection of time. However, I want the column for...
    Maddy Kalantari
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  • Count only the values with a max date.

    Hi everyone!   I have a table like this:     ID Date Category 1 20170125 1 1 20170312 2 2 20170103 1 2 20170227 1 3 20170130 1 3 20170405 1     I want count only the IDs where the max ...
    Enrique Rodriguez
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  • Quarantine Date on new CALS

    Hi All,   I just assigned 2 new CALS to users on our system late last week and they are appearing with a Quarantine Date which is seven days from when they last accessed, could someone help out and explain exact...
    Steve Cassar Laudi
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