• How do a join with 2 dbf files?

    Hi there,   For the life of me I can't join 2 dbf files so that I can get the necessary data I need from the second database.   In my script I have this:   SELECT * FROM ADO CONMANPO_H     ...
    Edward Del Rincon
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  • How can create a relationship between two list boxes?

    How can create a relationship between two list boxes?
    Adeeba Naaz
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  • use as in a calculation but don't show as a dimension

    i have data, which sales data, by vehicle by region.  i'm using region as the dimension (east, west, north, south, unknown) and i need to count all the data, in all 5 regions but i need to only show the first 4, ...
    becki kain
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  • autogenerate to load even if there is no data

    Hi,   I have an app which i need to create a calendar object where i am using auto generate based on date key feild; it works fine and application relaods succesfully if the date key feild is not empty however ...
    DN WEB
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  • How do I load only part numbers that exist in Excel table

    Hello, I am new to QlikView. I am trying to build a report that loads only part numbers listed in an Excel (Key) table from multiple QVD files. For example, the report will only pull data (part numbers) from the QVD t...
    Stephen Archuleta
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  • Need help with calculating number of days between today's date and last transaction

    I am a newbie. I am trying to get number of days between today's date and transaction date. Can someone please help me fix expression below. =date((date('today's date')-date('[CustomerImportantDates.Last Invoiced D...
    muhammad arif
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  • table structure output with labels?

    Is there a way in the Export Structure, from Table Viewer, to include the labels of a field?   Trying to put a glossary together for a Data Governance project and trying to figure out how to get from our ERP dat...
  • Average formula

    Hi, i have the following data set, lot of order line with different date. I would like to have the average of column 3, regardless the fact that there are several line.   Basically i would like to select Janua...
    Antonio Forino
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  • Different values presented after data being loaded!

    HI,   Appreciate if reference is made to the Excel data & the data after being loaded. the total shown in excel vs P/T looks different. Can you please look in to this & inform where I have gone wrong. Is...
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  • Monthly

    Hi all,   I have data in my dashboard with  fiscal year 2016 and 2017   so I want to restrict the data  to load   >=01-01-2018   I don't have month field  only fiscal year...
    sony sing
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  • Section access: chart hide not working in server

    Hello,   I'm using below simple section access script to provide access to two users. Here Role='Tech' should see object TX01 and BUSER should not see this object. This is working quite well in local. But In ser...
    Manoj Kumar M R
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  • Joining Multiple Data Sources

    Hi All   How do you concatenate two different data sources from two different SQl DB's. The data is the same...if you just do a normal load you get a lot of Synthetic keys.   Thanks in advance
    Andre Avenant
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  • Pivot table Expression merge

    Hello Team,   I have raw data like below. Want to merge sum(sales ) expression in pivot table.   Thanks Gireesh
    gireeesh e
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  • Restrict User's Permission in QMC

    Hey there experts,   Recently I'm working on a project of building a Architecture with 2 Servers with QlikView Publisher functioning in clusters and in one of them the QMC is enabled to manage the 2 Servers. Wha...
    Miguel Braga
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  • How to connect to oracle database?

    Hi, I am new to qlikview  and I am going to develop dashboard using oracle database.   Please share the navigation and screenshot how to connect oracle database.
    daisy ch
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  • Apply Map in Select for Where

    Hi Guys. I have a doubt about the applymap, There is a way to apply applymap in the Select. I currently have 2 tables. One that has a registration date and another does not. I want to enter the registration date t...
    Cristian Jorge
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  • Data base connection

    Hi All. IAM using racke database . And using OLEDB ,and data link properties i am selecting  Oracle provider for OLEDB now the thing is that when there was a data around 10 to 15 lacks rows I had no issue ..bu...
    John Roy
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  • Is there possible to use string value in y-axis

    Hi Folks, I need a clarification that can we customize y-axis on barchart with string value? else is there any extension to solve this? Thanks in advance.       Dinesh.
    dinesh balaji
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  • Time series Calcs

    Hi Gurus,   I have an example with dummy sales data where in  i need to plot time series Quarterly sales comparison.   I want to derive comparison table that holds the sales with max quarters for each...
    Satyanarayana M
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  • need help in creating stacked bar

    Hi All,   I need one stacked bar chart like the one in the attachment and data is also there in excel.could you help me with this.   thanks  regard, Anuradha
    anuradha tiwary
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