• How to calculate previous day, maonth, week and year sum(sales)

    Hi, I need to show previous day, month, week, Year's sum(sales). Also I am attaching a QVW for my sample data source. Please give me a straight table calculating previous day, month, week and year and also rolling ...
    sandip Ghosh
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  • Section Access: Restrict a user, to see only one sheet

    Hello All, I have a dashboard with 5 tabs. Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4, Sheet5. I want to restrict one AD user named "Analyst1" to view only sheet3 and all other sheets should be hidden when he opens the dashboa...
    Vishwarath Nagaraju
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  • Sintax Error Issue.

    Hi,     I am trying to load some tables  via script (Generated by QlikView), but I am getting an error message" in two tables: If I load the table alone removing the "; It loads, but if I load them ...
    Andres Garcia
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  • changing expression labels to be user friendly

    I have two pivot tables with expressions which build on each other.  so far, my naming has been very simple "AA1, AA2, AAA1" but how can i change the naming (what are the rules for expressions) to change AA1 to "...
    becki kain
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  • How to create a grouped bubble 'line' chart

    I am looking to create a linear bubble chart to show grouped values.   I want the bubbles to be in a single line, descending in size, with the grouping driving the color:     So Category drives what...
    Thomas Coran
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  • can we show 2 languages in column header?

    Hi Everyone, Can we show multiple languages in column header .atleast two languages default @
    Arun Katrik
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  • SRType isn't getting activated

    Hi Experts!   I have a text object for a metric in the sheet with a value of 5,960 and with the following expression.  =Num(Count({$<[Minutes Bucket]= {'Closed Within 4 hour'}, SRTYPE={'C'}>} DISTIN...
    Preciosa Reyes
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  • Adding of period

    Hi, As per the Script given, if I am to find out the total rent period in Years , how it should be written in the script. (This should be the difference between period from to period to. Also when I need to highlight...
  • Incremantal load

    Hi, I am trying to do incremental load in my application.I have raw data in two excel. Excel 1 contain future data also that is greater then today's data.while excel 2 contain data on which I want to apply increment...
    Dhaval Vyas
    created by Dhaval Vyas
  • bad file name

    Hello, trying to build "Sales Variation" same as the demo sample data in Qlik Sense: "Sales Discovery" > "Sales Comparison" this is the expression in the sample data: expression: (sum([YTD Sales Amount])-sum([L...
    uriel tedgi
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  • Sum for different months

    Hello everybody! I have this kind of table     Months      Sales January     50 January     60 Fabruary    60 March &...
    Anna Brancati
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  • Link Table

    HI Expertise ... Iam trying to create a Link table  it works for 2 fields .. and when i try to add more than  2 fields it gives me an error. as shown in the attachment. Is there any rule where  tha...
    John Roy
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  • Help with Set Analysis

    Hi,   I would like to show new customers in a pivot table. A new customer is one who has not purchased anything(Direct/Indirect) from the company in the past. The concept I use is, if the customer does not have ...
    Sangeetha Shanmugham
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  • dump variables and expressions and global number set format?

    Enclosed is a simple project but as you can see, certain expressions (fields/columns) are dependent on other expressions.  Is there a way to dump all variables with their definitions and all expressions, with the...
    becki kain
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  • Constant password issues.

    Every time I come to this site, I have to reset my password as I don't know what my password is. This is because the site will not allow me to choose my own choice of password as I used it once before, so I have to m...
    Peterjohn Griffiths
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  • Multiple Fact Tables Data Modeling

    Hi,   I am using QlikView for last one month, it is very good reporting tool. I created one data model and prepared the reports, but I am getting the duplicate data in the reports. More Info: I have two tables...
    Samantha Kumar K
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  • Set Analysis

    Hi Everyone,   Please help me on the below requirement. In a Straight Table I have Three dimensions named Grouping, Metric and Number as like below. When Operation= Met35.1 and Met35.2 then correspoding record...
    bhavani b
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  • How to avoid Duplicate Records

    Hi Every one,   Can any one please help me on below Requirement.   In My pivot table i have the data like below in Group and Metric Dimensions. The Met35.1,Met35.2 records in Metric field is assigned to o...
    bhavani b
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  • Create Current/Previous month flag

    Hi, I'd like to create month flag based on the date field I've. I can use if(InMonthToDate(TempDate, today(),0), 1, 0) as CurMonthFlag and if(InMonth(TempDate, today() ,-1), 1, 0) as LastMonthFlag   But instead o...
    Aehman K
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  • value selection with the click of another value in list box

    I have 2 list boxes   One button has Region defined Region USA CAD   2nd Button has currency defined. Currency USD CAD   they are not joined. When I click on USA I want the USD to be selected...
    Ansh shetty
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