• Might be missing function command in Logical function-Creating calculated field?

    I about to create a calculated fields associated with some logical expression using "and","or" to define the calculation within specified range of accounts. When i use the syntax in the expression using 'and' function...
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  • calendar-week

    Hi, In my model, I'm using calendar  that displays, day, month, year and the number of the week. I have a problem with the week dimension The week between 31.12.2017 and 6.1.2018 is set as weeks53, Is it possi...
    Tal Tal
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  • Filter not working in one sheet where as working in other sheet...??

    Hi all ,   my issue may be silly for few masters here, but it is new to me.   we have 2 filters HOST_type and RAT_flag, which are not working in summary sheet where as working in other sheet in the same qv...
    vishal goud
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  • Creating Auto calendar by script and producing Synchronization error

    I modified some expression in load script and well in loading data. but after loading Data manager it shows synchronization script error. Once i do manual sync, its associate all the table well,after once again I do l...
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  • Total Count % issue

    Hi,   tried to applied below calculated dimension and it's not working for % column. is there anyway to resolve this issue? thanks Requirement: if article Sold<=0 and soh<=0 then exclude else show the cou...
    Devarasu R
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  • Creating a table with headers and assign the different expressions to each column

    Hello, I have been trying to create the table in the qvw attached (Table1) and use on each of the columns the correct expression. But I can't seem to do it the correct way. I have tried with 'If clauses' but that woul...
    Andre Braga
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  • values on data points in scatter chart

    Hi, How could I add values on data points in scatter chart?
    Fatima Murra
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  • Identifying DataModel

    Can anyone tell me which datamodel is??   I think its snowflake
    Manu Sharma
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  • running PL-SQL

    im trying to fetch one of the view from oracle erp but in order to fetch the view i need to run a procedure to set the parameters otherwise it will be showing me 0 records can some1 please advise   ODBC CONNECT T...
    khaled ab
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  • scenario based questions

    Hi All,   I am new to qlikview , working in support project with lesser exposure.   In the interviews i always gets stuck to scenarios based questions.   Can any one please tell me how to improve the...
    Manu Sharma
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  • Calender Not working

    Hi,   I've created app to create the Calendar but its not generate the Calendar some how. Attaching app for review and let me know the issue.     Br, Balanandam
    Balanandam Koyyalamudi
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  • Loading Date from Oracle DB to QlikView

    Hi ,   I've got an issue where I want to load date from MS Access to QlikView but there seems to be this error coming up. Error : SQL##f - SqlState: S1000, ErrorCode: 1843, ErrorMsg: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-0184...
    Abhay Tripathi
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  • What is mistake in my script ? My first question .

    Hello community ,   This is my first question . I am college pass out and new to qlik .Started learning SQL and Qlikview parallely .   Thank you in advance .
    Prahlad Infy
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  • Explain - The argument expression of one aggregation function must not contain another aggregation function.

    I found this on help - Aggregation functions ‒ QlikView Can someone give some example?   Thank you.
    Retko Okter
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  • Export of charts to Excel

    Hello!   tell me how you can export the graph as a picture, but with a transparent background. I borrowed the code, where there is a part:   if (not objSource is nothing) then   if (pasteMode = "imag...
  • Current Month vs Last Month Expression

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on this. I have current and Previous expressions. By default the KPI is showing Nov 2017=27 for Current Period and Oct 2017=34 for Previous period But again when i hav...
    bhavani b
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  • Scenario question

    Hi all,   Today I got very weird question in interview... Sorry for any typo   Question was like that if same  person has done transaction in Jan and Feb. Then it will reflect 1   And also if d...
    Manu Sharma
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  • calculating dimension from multiple tables in script

    Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my message and potentially answer my question! I have four tables that I am importing from Excel (for four different shops).  I would like to add up the columns from eac...
    Natascha Lamprecht
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  • Convert 1 chart per page to 2 charts per page in report

    Hi All,   I have a requirement in which I need to print a line chart in the form of a pdf report. It is a multi-page component. User needs to have two charts in 1 page. Currently, I am getting 1 chart per page. ...
    Agrim Verma
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  • Controlling the behavior of object

    Hi, can anyone suggest how to control behavior of object on dashboard. I want bar chart and  list box not to change on any selection, i want it to constant on whatever selection I made. Please suggest how can i a...
    Deepak Singh
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