• Do we need doc cal assigned for a user in Mashup

    Hi All,   I have to propose a single data point page where data comes from many streams along with some objects from qlikview is it  that only work bench license  is needed Is any more license requi...
    Aniket Shetty
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  • Help in moving the dimension label on the top of the stack chart

    HI all,   We have a stack chart as mentioned in the attached image,   currently the dimension label is at the bottom of the chart , but we have a requirement to move the dimension label at the top .
    Aniket Shetty
    created by Aniket Shetty
  • QMC Services Stopped

    Kindly help me in this ASAP   Everything in QMC stopped. Refresh tasks , I cannot open / import / export / delete any application. I went to the log files in C drive but I did not get clear idea. What can I do. ...
    Arwa AL-Riymai
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  • Task getting failed in QMC because of memory allocation

    Dear All,   I have scheduled some tasks which runs on every hour. Sometimes i get the below message  and after that the task will fail.   Memory Allocation Delta for this file=50.16 Mb. Available Phys...
    Viresh Kolagimath
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  • Management Console does not work

    Dear Community,   it happened more then one time on different servers (all with Windows Server 2012 R2, so maybe thats an OS related problem), that the Management Console's (QMC) web interface doesn't open. ...
    Julian Wiese
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  • Why do I see active users and open documents but acually users are inactive for more than 12 hours?

    I'm not sure if this happens with earlier versions of QVS but I have noticed it on QVS November 2017 SR4.   I have logged in users who are inactive for more than 12 hours yet, I still see their names under QVS S...
    Omar Homsi
    created by Omar Homsi
  • QMC dropping users

    I have something strange happening.  Randomly a user who I assigned to a document in the QMC lets me know that they can't see their file on Access Point anymore. When I go to the QMC they aren't showing up anymor...
    Steve Zagzebski
    created by Steve Zagzebski
  • How much potential for optimization would there be in theory?

    Hi,   I have said in previous posts that it's very tricky to actually measure the effect any optimization has on the execution time of any script as there are too many other factors influencing it. I have copie...
    Friedrich Hofmann
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  • Monitoring and SCOM and other such fun

    Good afternoon everyone and anyone. I've done some Google searching as well as Qlik Community searches and have not really come up with much of anything that points me in any particular direction. I'm quite new to muc...
    Justin Wood
    created by Justin Wood
  • QMC - Why my task is running for too long.

    Dear All,   I've scheduled a task to run on a daily basis and it used to take approximately 45 min to finish.   Now it has been running for too long approximately 4 hours and it is still running.   F...
    Viresh Kolagimath
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  • Not able to open the doc in Access Point after sign in

    Hi All,   I am getting the attached message (second one) when i try to open the Qlikview doc in access point.   I am able sign in but when i try to open document, getting the second pop up window.   ...
    Viresh Kolagimath
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  • QV12 network error please try again

    Hello, my company upgraded from QV10 to QV12(fresh install of 12 and then migration of documents, users...) two months ago and we have been getting this strange error occasionally since then. Some basic details: Ev...
    Ivan Stojiljkovic
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  • Is it possible to run an app from the QMC editing a variable just as in the CMD?

    Hi everyone,   Is it possible to run an app, editing a variable, from the QMC just as we can do in the command prompt?   Thank you.
    Julio Arriaga
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  • Store file on Google drive

    Is it possible to store files from QV (like QVD’s or Excel files etc. that are stored from the script) directly to (A) Google Drive and (B) FTP/SFTP ?
    Bongiwe Sangweni
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  • Why is the export to Excel button on a table chart displaying 'Undefined'?

    I have a client trying to export a table chart to Excel.  They hover over the export button the right hand side of the chart and it display 'Undefined' and returns no results.
    Jamie Fancy
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  • Recover missing CALs Problem // Strange path

    Hi,   got a problem with missing document CALs. Tried to recover 15 CALs by getting information from the CalData.pgo file in XML format. Ive got on .qvw that has the following path   <DocumentName>...
    Philipp Austermeier
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  • Power Tools 1.3.0 for QlikView released

    Hey everyone,   As some of you might have seen, we've started working on updating Power Tools with support for QlikView 12.X. We are going to release a few pretty quick updates in a near future, to increase supp...
    Stefan Bäckstrand
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  • Recover missing CALs Problem

    Hi,   got a problem with missing document CALs. Tried to recover 15 CALs by getting information from the CalData.pgo file in XML format. Ive got on .qvw that has the follow path   How can i handle this s...
  • QMS API - ServiceHasValidLicense method

    Hi,   Using the QMS API I am trying to check if the publisher has a valid license using the method ServiceHasValidLicense.   This works for the licensetype 'QlikViewServer', but using the licensetype 'Publ...
    Bas Knol
    created by Bas Knol
  • QMS API - get open/loaded documents

    Hi,   In QlikView QMC there is a tab 'Open Documents' under Status -> QVS Statistics. This tab shows a list op document opened/loaded on the QVS. How do I get a list of these open document using the QMS API? ...
    Bas Knol
    created by Bas Knol