• Export to excel .xlsx on QV server 12.2

    Good mornning, I update QV server from 11.2 to 12.2  because we need export 200.000 rows to Excel .     QlikView November 2017 - the latest feature release for QlikView - 12.20.   New features...
    Gustavo Germinario
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  • Survey: Help us shape the next Power Tools release!

    Hi all,   We're gathering feedback on what we need to do with the Power Tools for QlikView suite. We know that the QlikView 12 support is lagging behind, but we will try and address that soon. But we need to u...
    Stefan Bäckstrand
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  • Login Failed (The Web server is currently not responding)

    I m facing a very critical problem! Qlikview while it was working fine, there is a problem while trying to have access on the Webserver of our application, 10.0.x.xxx/qlikview.login.htm, it says Login Failed.   ...
    Dimitris Chondros
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  • Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 Host Name

    Hi all,   I am installing a Qlik Sense Server 3.2 SR5 on my production Server (Shared Persistent Single Node installation).   We have a Host Name for our Production Server i.e. MachineName :- QSenseProdS...
    Michael Jordan
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  • Qlikview management service stops again and again

    Hi All,   I have recently cleared my licenses in qlikview as I wanted to sort some other issue.   After reapplying the license, my QMC was not opening , and now it's stopping again and again and says repos...
    Anjali Ahlawat
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  • Customize access point qv

    which file on server contain information related to customize the access point, here we are looking for customizing the error messages when server is down.
    Ankit Kamat
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  • Scheduled Documents not Reloading

    Hi,   I have a range of documents with reload tasks set for various times at various intervals - some once a day and I have at least one which is every 2 minutes. As at 16:48 today the "Last Execution" showing i...
    Lawrence Cooper
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  • CPU Issue after upgrade to 12.2

    After upgrade to 12.2 r7  starts CPU problems CPU  go to  100% and reloads status are in queued. Before upgrade this doesn't happens. Review yesterday and olds logs LoadBalancer_2018xxxx.txt ...
    Gustavo Germinario
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  • Session Log - Cal Type "None"

    Hi everyone,   can somebody please explain to me, what the cal type none is.   I have some entries in my session log file, these cal types then get displayed in my QlikView System Monitor. I reckon there ...
    Jakob Fabian
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  • "Remove last document state" option do nothing

    Hi all,   When a user click on "Remove last document state" from the Access Point, nothing change. The user keeps all it's previous selection. Is there any option that can block this functionality ? I never ea...
    Julien HAMARD
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  • Does QlikView and QlikSense  have the ability to connect to Data Lakes?

    Hello,   Can you please let me know if QlikView and QlikSense have the ability to connect to Data Lakes?   Thanks   Regards Vindhya
    Vindhya Giri
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  • Directory Service Connector is offline

    Hi,   Im performing a simply distribution and reduce of a report to the Qlikview Server.   However, i keep getting:   "...QDSMain.Exceptions.DscOffLineException: Directory Service Connector is offlin...
    Paul Johansson
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  • Attempt at QVPR migration intertwines the QMC between NEW & OLD cluster

    Hello Qlik Community,   We just made a migration attempt of the QVPR from our PROD device to a backup device, and somehow the settings on the backup intertwined with the PROD device, that produced some interesti...
    Evan Kurowski
    created by Evan Kurowski
  • DSC Error

    Hi All,   I am having an issue with DSC services.please find the error below     (DSC.DirectoryFramework) setup path not successful for user '' at 'local://servername': System.OutOfMemoryException: Ex...
    Sampath Kumar
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  • QV log off

    If user is not working for some time and after that when he click on the screen for refresh data, then QV is logged off with session timeout. Something like a STC/Bank Website. Is it possible to adjust the session...
    Remya Sujith
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  • QMSEDX and QlikView 12

    I have just upgraded my test QlikView server from 11.2 to 12.0   Since that time my working EDX no longer loads and throws the error below.   I don't use Publisher just the standalone QMSEDX.   Do I ...
    Alan Richmond
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  • Generation of UserID list for each task exporting it on a file

    I need to remove the recipients from all task defined in QMC. Someone knows if is possible a generation of UserID list for each task, exporting the list on a file? I can't open the tasks one to one to read the recip...
    Adriano Cerardi
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  • What is QMC?

    1. How do you create reports in QlikView and QlikSense? Can any one help me understand and answer this questions, in interview point of view?   thanks
    Anand sid
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  • How to add CALs to QlikView Server?

    Hi, I have a QlikView Server (11) and I have purchased 5 Named User CAL and 20 Document CAL. I have installed the server on a machine and I have the QlikView Management Console open, but i can't find out how to mana...
    Alon Malin
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  • QlikView server 12 - Hardware requirements

    Hi,   I could not locate the hardware requirements. Can someone refer me to the document?   Thanks!
    Dafnis X
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